Tuesday, November 01, 2011

My 2012 Top 50 Free Agent Predictions

I am going to do something more mainstream today by listing the top 50 free agents (according to MLBTR.com) and predicting their landing spot. This by no means is what I want to happen it is my predictions based on information, rumors, and needs by all 30 Major League teams. So here we go!

Albert Pujols – Cards
Prince Fielder – Blue Jays
Jose Reyes – Nationals
C.J. Wilson – Rangers
Yu Darvish – Blue Jays
Edwin Jackson – Royals
Jimmy Rollins – Phillies
Aramis Ramirez – Angels
Carlos Beltran – Red Sox
Jonathan Papelbon – Red Sox
Michael Cuddyer – Cubs
Mark Buehrle – Cards
David Ortiz – Mariners
Ryan Madson – Reds
Hiroki Kuroda – Dodgers
Carlos Pena - Pirates
Francisco Rodriguez – Marlins
Roy Oswalt – Rangers
Javier Vazquez – Retirement
Heath Bell- Padres
Coco Crisp – Brewers
Hisashi Iwakuma – Twins
Kelly Johnson – Dodgers
Josh Willingham – Reds
Paul Maholm – Royals
Grady Sizemore – Cubs
Bartolo Colon – Blue Jays
Erik Bedard- Cubs
David DeJesus – Braves
Jason Kubel – Marlins
Ramon Hernandez – Pirates
Jeff Francis – Orioles
Chris Capuano- Mets
Tsuyoshi Wada – Cubs
Clint Barmes – Tigers
Casey Kotchman – Rays
Freddy Garcia – Yankees
Aaron Hill – Diamondbacks
Johnny Damon – Indians
Aaron Harang – Padres
Jamey Carroll – Twins
Rafael Furcal – Cards
Juan Pierre – Astros
Frank Francisco – White Sox
Jason Marquis – Mets
Joel Pineiro – Pirates
Jonathan Broxton – Giants
Joe Nathan – Twins
Kerry Wood – Cubs
Bruce Chen - Padres

So the in my top 50 the Cubs will be receiving Kerry Wood, Tsuyoshi Wada, Erik Bedard, and Michael Cuddyer. After hearing Theo's press conference I am 75% certain that big names Pujols and Fielder will not be on the north-side. I think Theo will build a nice young team and add big named free agents once he evaluates the team. I do not think he will make moves to jeopardize the Cubs financially to win next season and hurt them down the road.

Which is why they add a guy like Erik Bedard and Grady Sizemore to a one or two year deal. Both are high risk/high reward players and fall under Theo ball. Bedard brings balance to the starting rotation and Sizemore adds veteran depth to the outfield and could start in RF for the Cubs. Bringing Kerry Wood back on a one-year deal at a discount is a no-brainer. The two multi-year deals I see Theo handing out is Tsuyoshi Wada and Michael Cuddyer. Cuddyer could seek a three year deal worth around 30 million and play at least 5 of the 9 positions on the diamond although he could be the starting 3rd baseman or 1st baseman for the Cubs; tremendous value there. Wada's value is reportedly around a 2 year deal worth 8 to 10 million which is a really good value for a left-handed starter with his funky delivery and a 1.80 ERA last season.

The rest of the holes on the Cubs roster will be filled by players not on the top 50 list, trades, and the minor leagues. Expect to see a lot of movement by Team Theo this winter to bring in his guys.

What does your top 50 predictions look like? Any predictions you think I am right on or far off? On this list who do you think the Cubs will add? Feel free to comment.

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Anonymous said...

I don't think most of the players you mentioned will be part of the plan. I really feel Theo will make some very interesting impact trades to get this line up and farm system looking better.

I think guys like Marmol, Soto, Samardjia, Wells, Soriano and Zambrano will all be on new teams. And guys like LaHair, Jackson, Vitters and Colvin will be given opportunities in SP and see where this team is by the trade deadline. Just my opinion.

Nick I Cub Fan said...

Betemit for 3rd base. And at least one starter. Garland, Jackson, or my favorite Wilson. If Cuddyer is willing to leave Minn. i'd jump on him.

Anonymous said...

I agree that the Cubs probably will not make a play for Pujols or Fielder although I wish they would. Even though you'd be tied up for a long time and you have to think about the future, Fielder would be part of that future.

That being said, I'm on board with all of your other Cubs predictions. I would like to see Sizemore in right. I also hope that we go after two of the top 50 free agent starting pitchers on your list and not just Bedard. Solid picks for the most part.