Monday, October 31, 2011

Quick Hits- Manager, Coaching, Free Agency, and Trades

- With Tony LaRussa retiring; there has been several lists that include potential candidates to replace Tony put out there by the media and all of them include Ryne Sandberg. Talked to one of my sources that says he “will definitely get an interview from the Cardinals” if he does not find a manager job before them.

- Dave Duncan may or may not retire. I am wishing upon a star but please come to the Cubs Dave!

- Another guy the new manager (if there is one) should bring in from the Cardinals coaching staff is Jose Oquendo as a base coach. He is high regarded in the baseball community as a good baseball mind and a great base coach. He would be a great addition to the staff.

- The Cubs exercised Aramis Ramirez 2012 $16M option but then he declined the option saving the Cubs the $2M dollar buyout. Aramis is looking for a 3-4 year deal worth 15 million a year. The Angels are likely to pay up big for Ramirez.

- The Cubs also declined Jeff Samardzija’s $3M option for 2012 but he is still under team control so they will bring him back for a lower rate.

- Josh Vitters is going to play 3rd base in the minor’s full time next year. Some think he may make the jump to AAA next season.

- Carlos Pena, Kerry Wood, Reed Johnson, John Grabow, Rodrigo Lopez, and Ramon Ortiz all filed for free agency yesterday. Wood stated he will only come back next season is if it is with the Cubs. If he does not get a contract with him he will retire. Carlos Pena is looking for a multi-year deal which could be a hang up for the Cubs.

- Carlos Zambrano to Kansas City??? There is interest from KC but only if the Cubs pay the majority of his contract. Anything can happen because the Braves just sent 38 year old Derek Lowe to the Indians for a low A minor leaguer. The Braves are paying 10 of the 15 million left on Lowe’s contract. The Cubs could do something very similar with the Royals or any other team for that matter.

- We could find out Quade’s fate as early as tomorrow and no later than Friday according to my sources.

- Bud Selig will likely decide compensation for Epstein which will favor the Cubs.

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