Saturday, November 05, 2011

The Latest on the Rumor Train!!!

The rumor train is at full speed as well as some detail on the manager search so here is the latest-

- Terry Francona is a fit for the Cubs if he and Theo determine it is a fit. Does that make sense?
- The Cubs interviewed Pete Mackanin (the Phillies bench coach) today for their manager job.
- The interview process is really a window into how Theo Epstein looks into things. The interview starts with a conventional sit-down meeting, after that a long process where a candidate gets a simulated game situation with rosters, statistics, player usage, and other factors used in an actual game situation to come up with their response. Theo and Jed will vary on how they want an answer as in they may want it immediately or want a thoughtful analysis or even create a somewhat hostile environment for the person interviewing. The next step in the process is they get to sit down with the media and let them ask questions. This is a dramatically better process Theo is bringing to the Chicago Cubs. Just one of the many reasons why Ricketts had a high regard for him.
- The final step in the interview process is Theo and Jed coming up with one candidate then presenting it to Rickets and his Board of Directors for final approval.
- Mike Maddux will interview next week for the Cubs managerial job because he is battling laryngitis.
- Brewers’ hitting coach Dale Sveum will interview next week as well but according Tom Haudricourt the Cubs has not asked permission.
- The Cubs are also linked to Indians’ bench coach Sandy Alomar Jr., Red Sox bench Coach DeMarlo Hale, and Rays’ bench Coach Dave Martinez.
- The Cubs have a very similar list to the Red Sox because Theo and Ben have a similar interviewing process and criteria.
- Rumors are circling that if Terry Francona is named manager then Ryne Sandberg will be named his bench coach. Why is this significant? Because Terry would likely just be managing for the next 3 years or less (which he has said before) and having Sandberg as a bench coach learning the “Theo Way” from Mr. Boston himself Terry Francona is the best way to learn on the job to be Francona’s successor.
- Greg Maddux maybe reconsidering taking a full-time job in the ML again. There is talk out there that Greg would consider becoming a coach for Mike Maddux if he is named the Chicago Cubs manager. Someone close to the Maddux brothers said it has been Greg’s dream to be on a coaching staff with his brother. What better place than the Chicago Cubs?
- MLBTR states Joel Pinero and David DeJesus as fits for the Cubs. I just don’t see it when you can get Grady Sizemore and Erik Bedard for a similar price.
- A tidbit in the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel list the Cubs along with the Rangers and Angels as players for Prince Fielder. Fielder is reportedly looking for 8 years at 20 million a year. The Cubs would refuse to pay that price tag and will not get in a bidding war. I think the Cubs could pull what the Phillies did with Halladay and Lee, offer less years and more money a year. 125 million over 5 years sounds good to me.
- Wood is going to sit down with Epstein and Company very soon to discuss his future. He is expected to be with the team in one capacity or another.
- There is a rumor out there that the Blue Jays have check on Matt Garza’s availability.
- Levine adds to the rumor mill stating CJ Wilson and Roy Oswalt are not options for the Cubs and Nick Markakis is an interesting trade target. I agree with his assessment.
- The Cubs could have interest in Braves pitcher Jair Jurrjens but he does not fit the mold of a Saber guy Epstein will look for.
- The A’s will listen to offers on any of their players. I think the Cubs would be foolish not to look at Brett Anderson, Trevor Cahill, or Gio Gonzales especially.
- The Cubs have been scouting Yu Darvish for the past year and have also been scouting lefty Tsuyoshi Wada as a left handed starter.
- A great story for Cubs’ fans that needs a good ending in December. Ron Santo is 1 of 10 “Golden Era” candidates for the induction to the Hall of Fame. The committee consists of 16 members and 12 of those members need to cast a yes for Santo to be inducted. The vote will take place on December 5th and we will be hoping and praying Santo will be finally inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame.
- Talks have been slow on the compensation front for Theo Epstein.

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