Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Cubs Manager Search Starts...

With Mike Quade down and out lets look at the newest rumors involving the Cubs managerial search.

- Here is what Theo Epstein and company are looking for according to the press release-
We are looking for someone with whom and around whom we can build a foundation for sustained success. The next manager must have leadership and communication skills; he must place an emphasis on preparation and accountability; he must establish high standards and a winning culture; he must have integrity and an open mind; and he must have managerial or coaching experience at the major league level.
- Terry Francona will not be a candidate for the Cubs job according to Ken Rosenthal.
- Unfortunately Ryne Sandberg will not be the manager next season for the Chicago Cubs. Theo did a really classy thing by calling up Sandberg to tell him he is not in the running for the job. Sandberg in turn responded by saying very kind things about the Cubs and the direction Theo is taking them. You can read his comments in the Daily Herald here.
- If Ryne Sandberg does not get a managers job in the majors he could wind up with the Cubs as a bench or base coach.
- Yes the Cards have asked permission to interview Sandberg and it has been granted. I have also heard whispers he will interview with Boston as well. Media outlets from both Boston and St. Louis say Ryne is a long shot because of the other established candidates.
- The Cubs will likely pass on current managers in MLB. That means no Joe Maddon, Bud Black, or Joe Girardi.
- Here are some names out there right now: Bob Brenly, Bobby Valentine, Mike Maddux, Dale Sveum, Dave Martinez, Tim Bogar, DeMarlo Hale, Sandy Alomar Jr., Pete Mackanin, and Don Wakamatsu.
- There has been talk that the Cubs are not allowed to raid the Padres and Red Sox anymore so you could see Tim Bogar and DeMarlo Hale taken off that list unless the Red Sox conclude their managerial search before the Cubs or allow the Cubs to interview them.
- Out of the list above I like Mike Maddux, Dale Sveum, Bob Brenly, Pete Mackanin, and Dave Martinez the best but would be OK with all of them except Bobby Valentine and Don Wakamatsu.
- If Dave Martinez is named the manager don't expect him to name Ryno as a coach. The two have a not so good past as players on the Cubs.

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Anonymous said...

You think there is a chance Theo might hire Terry Francona???? I don't think Bob Brenley if the best choice for manager. As a matter a fact neither is Sandy Alomar. I think Theo already knows who he is going to hire, and I have all the faith in him. Any possibility they think of making Greg Maddux a pitching coach???? I can almost see him being the next Duncan like in St. Louis. I know in your post you mentioned Francona won't be a possibility, but Theo might fool everybody don't you think. Keep up the good work sir and GO CUBBIES!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

What is the backstory on the relationship issues between Sandberg and Martinez?

Anonymous said...

Martinez (scumbag) and Ryno's then wife, Cindy, had an affair.

Also, Theo already interviewed Ryno last year so that's why he passed on him this time, unfortunately.