Saturday, November 14, 2009

More On Granderson...

- According to sources the Cubs Jim Hendry is "absolutely" interested in offering a prospect-heavy package to the Tigers for Curtis Granderson. Rogers says that Tigers GM Dombrowski spoke to Hendry about Granderson and other players in Chicago earlier this week. This refutes the report yesterday that they have not talked.

- Bruce Levine of talking baseball says that Granderson is the Cubs #1 target this offseason. Stating he is an ideal teammate and always gives 100%.

- Levine says the Cubs will have to trade Bradley before trading for Granderson. The Rays and Rangers are still the most likely destination for Milton.

- Levine disputed Phil Rogers report saying the Cubs should give up Castro, Cashner, and Marmol for Granderson. He says all three are untouchable and the Cubs have no interest in trading them. But Bruce does think that Vitters maybe in a deal for Granderson. He says the Cubs can have nice MLB ready players and prospects package to get a deal done.

- If the Cubs get Granderson they are likely to re-sign Reed Johnson because Granderson does struggle against lefties. There is also talk that the Cubs could sign Mike Cameron, Randy Winn, or Rocco Baldelli (who is close with Lou and the Cubs have always been interested in). All three players hit lefties really well.

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Deacon said...

Starlin Castro will NOT be included in The deal unless Justin Verlander is Coming with Granderson

Nick I Cub Fan said...

Snyder in AAA has more power, more speed and a better arm. I would not give up any prospects for Granderson. Buy the cubs will, and they will let Snyder go.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to see the Cubs sign Baldelli, in addition to picking up Granderson.

I have heard that the Reds are likely to trade Phillips in an effort to drop payroll. What are the chances that the Cubs can pull off deals to get both Grnderson and Phillips?

cubsfan82 said...

I do not think the Cubs can get both Phillips and Granderson because of the amount of prospects involved and the money side of it.

If the Cubs can trade Bradley and most of his contract and maybe deal a few of the higher price players on the team then yes, I say they might be able to but it is highly unlikely.

Nick I Cub Fan said... has the cub top ten prospects from baseball america