Sunday, November 08, 2009

Levine's Latest.....

- Now that the Brewers have Carlos Gomez it seems like Mike Cameron may come to the Cubs even though he is a backup plan if they do not acquire a young left handed guy for CF. We have heard the names Rajai Davis (even though he is a righty), Scott Podsednik, and some others.

- Bruce says Bradley will be traded in the next 30-45 days. I say he is traded in the next week at the GM meetings for either Pat Burrell, Gary Matthews, or Aaron Rowand.

- Many think Chone Figgins will sign with the Cubs. I think he will has well.

- The Cubs want back Reed Johnson but not for the 2 years 6 million he wants. I do not blame them.

- Bruce thinks Starlin Castro will be the Cubs starting shortstop around the All-Star break and also thinks John Gaub could win a pen spot.

- Bruce also think the Cubs should sign Orlando Cabrera to a one year deal. Not sure if I like that idea.

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Unknown said...

I like orlando, he would be a nice stopgap until Castro is ready in 2011. Chone Figgins may be too expensive, and considering he is 32 his speed might decline towards the middle and end of that contract.

Nick I Cub Fan said...

Figgins stays with the Angles, he will give them a home town discount. Even with a discount the cubs budget can't afford him. But i would love to see him here.

Anonymous said...

I hope Reed or his agent is not really seeking $6 mil over 2 yrs. I love his play, but he will be a platoon player at most for the Cubs. And now with your info on Cameron, combined with the rumor of getting Rowand, gives the Cubs optionns in terms of right handed OF with good gloves.

O Cab has performed well when in the right situation (Bos and LAA). If he is willing to sign for just one yr, I would bite. I also would try Tejada for one yr and see if he is willing to play a little 2B too. He can rotate between SS and 2B with Theriot and Baker and back up Rammy at 3B.