Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Milton Bradley and more.....

- Paul Sullivan is looking at the Milton Bradley situation and sees the Rangers as favorites to land him. Even though the Mets seem to be in the mix with Omar Minaya even admitting to talking to Jim about Bradley and likely including Luis Castillo in a deal. The Rays are also still very much in the mix as well.

- Sullivan says the Cubs are in no hurry to sign Lee to an extension.

- Harden still really likes Chicago and will continue dialogue with them even though it is unlikely he will return.

- The Reds are looking to cut payroll next season because of ticket sales. So the Reds will look to trade away their expensive players to cut payroll and bring in some inexpensive players to fill out the roster. So players likely to be moved are Aaron Harang, Bronson Arroyo, and Brandon Phillips. The Cubs are currently looking to upgrade at the 2nd base position and could go into talks for Phillips who was also centered around trade conversations last season. If the Cubs could get Phillips it would be a great chip for next years ball club and beyond.

- Bruce Levine has some notes today-
---- Jim has been trying to trade Bradley since Sept.
---- Mike Cameron is plan D for the Cubs.
---- The Cubs will look at the non-tender list in Decemebr before making a move for another outfielder.
---- The Cubs have some interest in Mike Gonzalez for the pen.
---- The Cubs do not like Dan Uggla because they want better defensive 2nd baseman.
---- He does not mind a trade involving Luis Castillo
---- The Cubs will probably only eat around 5 million of Bradleys contract.
---- Jim hopes to have a couple deals done by Dec. 7th.

- According to many sources the Giants and Blue Jays will not trade for Bradley.

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Anonymous said...

Could the cubs trade for Granderson now that he's available. Granderson has $25.75 million over 3 years and Bradley has $21 million over 2. I think he could fit into a small market team and have a bounce back year. Guillen at DH could be a problem, but I wasn't too unhappy with his defense. I think it would take more to get Granderson and get rid of Bradley, so maybe a pitching prospect and Gorzelanny (only $433,000 contract). What do you think.