Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Levine Updates Us... and An Unfounded Rumor....

Levine had some good notes yesterday so lets check them out-

- Levine thought Bradley would have been traded by now.

- He still thinks the Rangers and Rays are likely destinations for Bradley. If he goes to the Rangers Millwood would come to the Cubs and if he goes to the Rays then the Cubs would get Burrell. If the Cubs got Millwood they would likely keep him as their 5th starter and if they got Burrell then he would be flipped to an AL team.

- Starlin Castro will not be traded this off-season and the only way Cashner is traded is in a blockbuster deal. I am guessing Halladay.

- Levine says it is questionable if Aaron Heilman and Sean Marshall will be apart of the Cubs pen 2010. Both are good trade candidates for the Cubs.

- He says Esmailin Caridad will get a shot making the team along with John Gaub.

- Levine says no Mark DeRosa next season.

- The Tigers want good young prospects for a deal for Granderson and Levine said Josh Vitters would have to be included. That is a big chip for the Cubs.

- The Cubs are one of many teams interested in Billy Wagner. I think the Cubs have enough young players in their system that can fill out their pen next season. I rather spend the money on a 2nd baseman or outfielder.

- The trade talks surrounding Curtis Granderson are real according to Bruce Levine.

******Unfounded Trade Rumor******

I have done these in the past when I receive a trade rumor with no link or source and I can neither confirm or deny the report. This one caught my eye and has been sitting in my inbox for days now so I decided to pull it out with all the reports of Bradley either going to the Rays or Rangers and the Cubs interest in Granderson. So here it is-

Cubs get Curtis Granderson and Kevin Millwood
Rangers get Milton Bradley and Edwin Jackson
Tigers get Sean Marshall, Josh Vitters, Julio Borbon, Guillermo Moscoso, and Aaron Miles

The Cubs would be talking on some salary to get this done and also shedding a lot of it as well. Millwood is essentially owed 27 million with being owed 12 million in 2010 and a 15 million dollar signing bonus being paid 2011-2015. Granderson is owed 24 million over the next three season with a 13 million dollar club option for 2013. So the Cubs would be taking on 51 million dollars in contracts but the Cubs are also dealing some players so lets check their price tag.

The Cubs would be trading Milton Bradley and his entire contract to the Rangers which actually saves the Rangers money because Bradley is only owed 21 million and Kevin is owed 27 million. The Cubs also are getting rid of Sean Marshall (who is arbitration eligible likely to make $750,000 next season), Josh Vitters (who had a 3.2 signing bonus which has not fully taken effect, much like Millwood), and Aaron Miles (2.7 million next season). With all those totals the Cubs will be trading away 26 million in contract money. So basically the Cubs would be filling two holes this offseason and only spending 25 million in contracts. For those two players I would do this in a heartbeat.

The Cubs get a inning eating starter who is labeled the #1 starter in Texas but would be a back of the rotation starter in Chicago because of the Cubs strong rotation. He would likely fill in for Lilly until he got back in April then slide down to a #4 spot. He would provide the Cubs with veteran leadership and a guy who can chew up innings which the lacked last season.

The Cubs also get their left-handed above average defensive leadoff guy for CF. I expect his numbers to look in Chicago posting a .280 Avg, with 20 homers, 60 RBI, and 30 SB. He would provide the Cubs with much better chemistry in the clubhouse and he is known as one of the nicest guys in baseball. Truly a guy the Cubs need.

The Rangers come out good on this deal as well. They get another young starter in Edwin Jackson who is expect a good raise in arbitration but the Rangers would still be decreasing their payroll by acquiring both Bradley and Jackson by at least 4 million. The Rangers would then have a really good young rotation starting with Feldman and Jackson. Not to mention they get Milton Bradley back who would likely bounce back to the numbers he put up in Texas and lead the world in OBP hitting around Josh Hamilton. Just a good trade for the Rangers, don't you think?

The Tigers make out great in this deal. Not only do they get a core of young players but they get some of the best prospects in baseball. Josh Vitters is labeled the Cubs 3rd best prospect in their system and 31st best prospect in baseball by Not only that but they receive the outfielder Juilo Borbon who is the 43rd best prospect in baseball and he hit .312 with 4 homers 20 RBI and 19 SB is just 46 games with the Rangers. Guillermo Moscoso is really good young player the Rangers get. In 5 minor league season he has posted a 2.90 ERA with 26 wins and 15 loses with 59 games started. He is labeled the 12 best prospect in the Rangers organization and in the top 125 in baseball. The Tigers also get a young southpaw that can be a long reliever or starter for Detriot in Sean Marshall. Marshall would likely slip into the Tigers rotation and soften the blow of trading Edwin Jackson. The Tigers do not come out of the deal without taking on some cash though. They take Aaron Miles and the 2.7 million owed to him next season, the price to pay to get such young talent in this trade.

All in all this looked like a good trade for all team involved. It seemed somewhat legitimate so I decided to post it and let you be the judge. I cannot confirm or deny this "Unfounded Rumor" at this time. I will update you on this as it become available to me.

Until Next Time.....

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Anonymous said...

aaand here we go, like ive been saying all along..."bruce levine thought bradley would have been traded by now." HE IS GOING NOWHERE. The CUBS are the only ones dumb enough to sign a guy that had 1 above average year along with his cancer like clubhouse demeanor. Bradley Stays.