Saturday, October 03, 2009

Some News From the Hot Stove....

Here is the latest from the Hot Stove...

- The Cubs had 3 million fans enter Wrigley this season. It is the 6th consecutive year this has happened.

- Rogers from the Chicago Tribune runs down his list to get a power bat for next season. He list some guys that are free agents and some that could be acquired in a trade. He names off some names we already have heard like Bobby Abreu and Adam Dunn but also names off guys like Tejada, Sheffield, Hawpe, Chris Young, and Ankiel that suprised me. If the Cubs can get Hawpe that would be the best fit for the Cubs along with Bobby Abreu. I also really like Adam Dunn and I am very surprised he does not mention Vlad or Damon.

- The Rangers and Royals have expressed they have no interest in Bradley. The Mets, Padres, Rays, and Giants are front runners to land Milton.

- The Chicago Sun Times talked to Ryno and he said his ideal job is to manage the Cubs. He is in line to become Lou's replacement at the end of next season many say. I would not be surprised if he manages the Iowa Cubs next season.

- The Cubs have a lot of interest in B.J. Upton if he is in fact shopped this winter. One baseball executive calls him a perfect fit for Wrigley Field and the Cubs. Nightengale says he is likely to be dealt.

- Zambrano said he will be back next season.

- Ted Lilly wants the Cubs to retain Reed Johnson and bring back Mark DeRosa. I agree with both moves but only if DeRosa is in a platoon roll in RF or a utility guy. There are too many good guys in the 2nd base market to have the Cubs go right after DeRosa. Chone Figgins, Iwamura, Hudson, and Polanco are all listed before Mark for guys to fill the 2nd base role next season.

- The Cubs might not offer arbitration to Harden. I think they would be stupid not too. The worst that can happen is he accepts and we get him for about 9 million next season.

- Muskat of says the Cubs are in preliminary discussion with John Grabow about staying a Cub for next season. Grabow wants to stay and is confident a deal gets done. Harden also wants to stay but the Cubs may not want him back because of his injury woes.

- The Cubs plan on keeping "most of" their coaching staff including Larry Rothchild. The one coach they might not retain is Von Joshua. There is talk he may be sent to AAA and there is also talk that Ryno may be offered the hitting coach job or someone in AAA is offered the job and Sandberg moves up to AAA. I will keep you updated.

That is it for now Cub Fans!

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Joe said...

Von Joshua just got relieved of his hitting coach duties and offered the AAA hitting coach position.

Sandberg as the new hitting coach and manager in waiting? We'll find out soon enough...