Monday, September 28, 2009

Cubs Rumors.....

- Heyman says that the Padres are one of the rare teams interested in Milton Bradley and says the Rangers are a long shot to land him.

- The Chicago Cubs are not interested in re-signing fragile starter Rich Harden according to Paul Sullivan. Lou likes the depth the Cubs have right now with Zambrano, Dempster, Wells, Lilly, and a one of Gorzelanny, Marshall, or Samardzija.

- Lou also does not expect many changes this offseason. He would like to see about 5 different moves. I would like to see Bradley and Miles traded, add a bullpen guy, acquire a good 2nd baseman, get a guy for LF or CF, and sign Doug Davis.

- Ricketts should take full control of the Cubs between October 15th and the 30th.

- There is a lot of life to the Burrell for Bradley trade rumor. I might do that trade if it is just a contract swap.

- There are more rumors turning up that the Giants and Cubs could switch outfielders and contracts. The Cubs would acquire Rowand for Bradley. Rowand and Johnson are good friends and he would love to see Aaron come to the northside. If the Cubs did acquire Rowand they would also keep Johnson and may look for a lefty utility guy as the 5th outfielder which means Hoffpauir or Fox could start in Iowa next season.

That is it for now Cub fans....


Anonymous said...

It would be interesting (well, to me, at least ...) to look at Harden as Closer. Kerry Wood had a decent year closing for the Cubs after years of arm struggles; for Harden it would eliminate those 100-pitch outings that seem to take too much out of him. I love his stuff --- and his strikeout numbers.

The Cubs Analyst said...

No Pat Burrell. he is worse than bradley. he just doesn't talk as much