Saturday, September 26, 2009

Milton Bradley Rumors....

Who would have thought that Milton Bradley would have teams calling the Cubs. Bradley who has tons of bagage has the Padres, Giants, Rangers, Rays and Mets intrested in him. The Cubs are said to be confident they can deal Bradley without paying the majority of this 2 years 21 million left on his contract. Bradley can be either traded for a bad contract or the Cubs could pay more of his contract to get a better player.

Here are some players the Cubs could target if they deal Bradley to one of the teams above.

minor leaguers- The Padres do have Adrian Gonzalez but the Cubs already have a first baseman and do not want to overpay for Adrian so they would have to deal with receiving some minor league players.

Aaron Rowand- He is owed 36 million over the next 3 seasons but if the Giants pay the difference or take on Miles contract I can see a deal getting done here. Rowand is a personal favorite of mine and would really look good in CF for the Cubs.

Edgar Renteria- Him and Lilly do not get along but the money basically a push. Not likely for the Cubs.

Jonathan Sanchez- The Cubs would have to put in some money to get this done but it is still a possibility.

Rangers- Not likely to happen, not that interested.
Kevin Millwood- Owed 12 million next season. Would love him in the rotation for the Cubs. The Cubs would have to pay over half Milton's contract to get this done.

Jarrod Saltalamacchia- Rangers not to impressed and have picked Teagarden and Rodriguez over him. Him and Soto behind the plate would be nice next season.

Rays- Matches up the best
Pat Burrell- Have had issues with some players on the Rays. Owed 9 million next season.

Carl Crawford- It will take a lot more to land Crawford than just Bradley.

Akinori Iwamura- If his 4.25 million dollar option is picked up this could be a big peice for the Cubs next season.

Willy Aybar- Again would have to kick in more money to get it done.

BJ Upton- Being shopped and will take more than Bradley to get him.

Oliver Perez- Enough said.

Here are some other players I came up with for the Cubs to look into.

Gary Matthews Jr.- Same pay, no way the Angels say no.
Eric Byrnes- Who would say no?
Juan Pierre- I would do this in a second but I do not think the Dodgers would without more incentive
Carlos Guillen- That would be interesting.
Dontrelle Willis- A headcase but would like him over Oliver Perez
Nate Robertson- Another lefty possibility.
Aaron Cook

I give the Cubs a 90% chance they deal Bradley. I think the Giants, Rays, and Padres are the most likely of landing places.


Jordan C said...

the most likely deals

will be bradley for Rowand(which i prefer)


Bradley for Burrell(which is bitter sweet, get rid of bradley but burrell is showing signs of decreased production)

Tanner said...

He wont go to the Rays because they are trying to trade people to save money. Why would they trade a young player who gets paid less for Bradley who costs a lot of money?

Nick I Cub Fan said...

I don't think cubs will be trading for any new pitchers. Even though i 'd like to see Harden resigned, i don't think they will. With 5 starters already Lilly, Dempster, Gorzelanny, Zambrano and Wells. Not to mention Marshall and Caridad who could fill in.

The Cubs Analyst said...

"Who would have thought that Milton Bradley would have teams calling the Cubs". a lot of people should have thought that. because bradley is still a good player who had a bad season. yea sure bradley talks too much, but he is still capable of putting up good numbers. bradley's biggest problem was the pressure. from the media and the fans. he needs to go to a city that does not care much about baseball, like oakland , or Tampa Bay,

cubsfan82 said...

Jordon C-

I like Bradley for Rowand. I would like it even better if it was Miles and Bradley for Rowand. Baker and Blanco should be the utlity guys not Miles. I also think the Cubs need a new 2nd baseman. Not to keen on what we have in house as starters.

I like Figgins, Hudson, Iwamura, Planco, and Teahen the best.


I said it would cost the Cubs more money if they deal with the Rays. The Cubs would have to include prosects and pay off more money to get a guy like Upton. I know there is not way the Rays trade Bradley for Upton or anyone straight up.

Anonymous said...

lets hope the Mets fall for it and take him. who cares what we get in return if we're not liable for that contract money. how is Milton Bradley like Morganna the kissing bandit? They're both big busts.