Sunday, September 20, 2009

Bradley Good As Gone and other Cubs Notes....

- The Chicago Cubs have suspended Milton Bradley for the rest of the season. Bradley who has recently took shots at the Cubs and in the past called Cub fans racist is finally gone. This guy is just a POS and does not deserve to get paid millions of dollars to play a kids game. While the Cubs will have a hard time finding takers on Bradley I think they could trade him by picking up most of his contract or taking on another contract near 20 million over the next two years.

I do not care if Bradley hits .400 with 50 homers and 150 RBI next season with someone else, I would not regret trading or releasing him if the Cubs do in fact do that. He is a cancer on baseball.

- Baseball Prospectus says the Cubs will try to sign John Grabow and Reed Johnson before the reach free agency. They also say that Jake Peavy for Carlos Zambrano deal this off season would not surprise some in Chicago. I would do that in a second.

- Mark DeRosa is willing to return to Chicago next season.

- Zambrano said he does not plan to waive his no trade clause but a lot can change from now until the start of the next season.

- Here is a trade scenario for you..... Carlos Zambrano and Milton Bradley for J.D. Drew and Dice-K. Would the Sox do that? Would the Cubs? There is only a 4 million dollar difference in the contracts, so that should not be an issue.

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The Cubs Analyst said...

"I do not care if Bradley hits .400 with 50 homers and 150 RBI next season with someone else". That's Bull. Because let me tell you something, if a Gm Trades of releases a player who produces like that he would be fired so fast it would make your head spin.

Anonymous said...

Colvin made his MLB debut.


ivorybanger15 said...

1) Bradley didn't call anyone racist. Half of this s*** is being made up by the media.
2) Z is not waiving his NTC. His value isn't even high enough right now to get anything better back.
3) I would welcome DeRo back, especially if he comes cheaper than Figgins
4) No way the BoSox do that trade IMO... they love Drew and they're not getting anything back.