Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Milton Bradley..... and Other Cubs Notes....

- Players did not shy away from commenting on the suspension of Milton Bradley. Dempster hit it right on the head!

- Milton Bradley for Oliver Perez? Joel Sherman said the Cubs and Mets should look into it. I say no to this deal. While I am in favor of trading or getting rid of Bradley, I do not like this trade. One headache for another does not make to much sense for either club. Now how about Bradley for Castillo? I would do that!

- The Cubs designated Thomas Diamond for assignment to make room for Tyler Colvin. He did well in his ML debut going 1 for 3 with a RBI.

- The Cubs activated Reed Johnson off the DL.

- Lou said since the Bradley suspension the clubhouse has been loose and fun again. He also stated they have moved on and with some moves this off season the Cubs will be back in the playoffs next season.

- Buster Olney said that Texas Rangers would NOT welcome back Milton Bradley. Kind of a shocker considering how well he did with them. He did say the Padres may want him back but only if the Cubs pay almost all his contract I assume. Buster did say the Cubs would have to pay 18-19 million of the 21 million left on Bradley's contract to get any deal done.

- The Indians are looking to unload Wood and his 10.5 million dollar contract so they can rebuild. Could the Cubs trade Bradley for Wood straight up if the Cubs pay 14 million of Bradley's contract? Could they trade Bradley for Wood and Peralta? Wood and TJ recovery man Jake Westbrook? There may be a trade partner here for the Cubs considering the small market Indians and the thought of Bradley doing some DH work.

- Aram did not have a comment on his 14.6 million dollar player option for 2011. That is worry some but we can worry about that later.


Alex said...

FYI, I posted a comment a while ago about the Cubs trading Bradley for Wood. Just throwing that out there.

Joe said...

I'm ok with Bradley for Perez. Unless you have a source with some inside info, I dont think I've heard that Perez is a headache. He just plain sucks. If the Mets are willing to take Bradley and I believe the money is a wash, deal should be good as done. Doesnt mean Cubs have to hang onto Perez. But if you ask me Perez would be more tradable than Bradley. Lefty pitchers will always get a look.

I wouldnt mind sending Bradley for Wood, but if the Indians are looking to deal Wood to shed salary, I dont see why they would take on Bradley's salary even if the Cubs eat a big chunk of it.

TBDS said...

Of course you would do the Bradley-for-Castillo trade because the Cubs would be clearly be getting the better end of the deal there.

The only way the Cubs are going to trade Bradley is if they take on another mistake contract or another headache in return.

Cut ties with Bradley completely and leave Sam Zell with the tab.