Sunday, January 18, 2009

Pie traded to O's... Peavy Next???

UPDATE 7:45 pm- It seems Tom Krasovic agrees with my thoughts. He even goes further to say some potential players in the deal. My ideal trade would be Vitters, Hart, Olson, Cedeno, and Hill for Peavy.

Honestly I feel as soon as we find out who won the bidding(which should be any day now, but the end of the month at the latest) Peavy will be traded to Chicago. That has been my feeling though out this whole Peavy trade talk, that he will be a Cub before Opening Day!

I want to say I am sorry I did not post this earlier, I have not been home all day.

The Cubs have traded Felix Pie to the O's for Garrett Olson and young Class-A righty Henry Williamson. The O's plan on using Pie in LF full time with Scott as DH and Huff at 1st. The Cubs could used Olson as a potential 5th starter or middle relief, depending on Sean Marshall's role. Olson was once figured as one of the O's top prospects and potential top of the rotation type guy but has faulted some. He is a 25 year old lefty that has went 10-13 over his short ML career with a 6.67 ERA. He was much better in the minors going 22-19 with a 2.95 ERA over his minor league career. I am much more impressed with Henry Williamson though. A young 22 year old righty with really high strike outs so far in his career. In 90 innings pitched in rookie and A ball he struck out 110 batters. I love strike out pitchers.

Now I do not think Olson will be in a Cub uniform for long. During the crazy winter months during the Jake Peavy mess there was a "three way trade rumor" that was brought up in the media but nothing has came of it, until now. The Padres, Cubs, and O's were said to have a potential deal that would have sent Pie to the O's for Olson, then the Cubs would flip him to the Padres with a package of players for Peavy. Now does this mean Peavy is next? Who knows? But I do want to bring up a little tidbit from the past months. It was said that the Cubs would not trade Pie for Olson unless a deal for Peavy was in place or at least more than a possiablity, they had no interest in Olson unless it involved Peavy. So keep that in mind.

On a side note the Cubs are close to deals with arbitration eligible players Micheal Weurtz and Kevin Gregg.


waldo7239117 said...

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Anonymous said...

we need a nasty boy in the bullpen

Nick I Cub Fan said...

I like your tidbit, i do remember reading that. Cubs don't want Olson, they want Peavy. And Peavy wants to be a cub.

Waldo you need to set up a spot to leave your comments, like this site has. Cause us dumb guys can't figure out how to add a comment to your site. I'm a little older than most of you and know very little about computers. You have a good start kid.

Nick I Cub Fan said...

Taguchi won't be the only Japanese player in spring tranning. Cubs signed Kadokura. Also other players for their minor league teams. LHP Smith, 3B Almonte, and SS Colon. ( Baseball America )

Anonymous said...

ESPN 1000 is reporting we will find out midweek who won the bidding!!!

Deacon D said...

Peavy's coming to the cubs soon i can feel it!!!!!!