Monday, January 19, 2009

New Owner on Horizon... Peavy...Gregg... Etc..

- According to the, after a nearly two-year process, Sam Zell and Tribune Co. plan to name a winning bidder for the Chicago Cubs by the middle of the coming week, according to two people involved with the bidding. This all is pointing toward a Peavy deal. Hendry makes a funny move by trading DeRosa for 3 young pitchers, trades Pie for Garrett Olsen and Hank Williamson( Olsen was a guy the O's wanted in a Greene or Peavy deal), trades Marquis and most of his contract for a relief pitcher so he has enough room for Bradley, he says "don't judge my moves until Opening Day" and "we will have a better team by Opening Day." As soon as the announcement of the winning bidder( hope it is Ricketts), Hendry will give a call and he will then get the official blessing from the new owner. Peavy will be a Cub.

- Kevin Gregg was inked today to a one year deal worth 4.2 million dollars. He will be a free agent at the end of the season.

- The Cubs also signed RHP Ken Kadokura to a minor league contract and invited him to ST. Other signed are Matt Smith, Erick Almonte and Joseph Colon to minor league contracts on Monday that includes invitations to Spring Training.

- The Cubs will go with the Aaron Miles/Mike Fontenot platoon at 2b. They are not interested in Orlando Hudson. Even though if his price is good why not try him at SS??? Switch hitter that hits for average and some power. Great defensive player! Why not take a flyer on him 2 years 10 million with incentives on games played to bring it higher. Could not hurt, I think he could handle SS well.


waldo7239117 said...

Do you know who the front runner is to by the Cubs
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Anonymous said...

You can never have too much pitching. I hope the Cubs can get Peavey and then if they need to go out and get a front line closer in a trade during the season if Marmol or whomever doesn't pan out they have a starter they could dangle.

Anonymous said...

People need to leave a note where they are writing from. I have seen this on most other blogs I read. It is a nice touch. Makes it interesting for other readers, etc. Just my two cents worth.

Nick I Cub Fan said...

Hudson has 7 years in the majors and only played 2B. I don't think he has the arm for SS. But we could platoon Miles and Theriot at SS. In my opinion if we get Peavy and everyone stays health, we don't need anybody.

Anonymous said...

Hudson at shortstop is definitely worth a shot.

Anonymous said...

On MLBTR, they have an article about how the Padres are indeed over budget. They have to drop to about $40 mil. They say they HAVE to trade Peavy and/or Giles. So, with all Hendry trades recently, it looks like he could be headed our way. They also commented on how a trade now is better than a trade later because of possible injuries. Check it, a cool and kind of reassuring post.

Anonymous said...

This is what needs to happen with the Peavy Saga. Jim Hendry should give the Padres (once both new owners are in place).

Offer a deal 7 or 8 for Peavy (NOT INCLUDING VITTERS)

OR offer 5 for Peavy (Including Vitters)

8 is excessive but at best Peavy wins 20 games at the MAX for the padres. Marshall would be good for 10-12 at least. and over the next 5 or 6 players would more than make up those extra 8 wins and probably even more. Plus in the future Vitters probably could pull in another mega trade if he DOES blossom into this stud on the diamond.

and hendry should pull a towers and make it public that he has offers on the table for the PADRES TO ACCEPT!

-and the cubs signed ken kadokura with a invite to spring training.

Go Cubs

cubsfan82 said...


I believe the front runner is the Ricketts Family, lets hope it is!


I think your right on with what your saying but Jim Hendry is not that type of GM.

I think Peavy will be in a Cubs uniform before Spring Training.

Nick I Cub Fan said...

Irv i live in Paris Tn.
I like Peavy alot but last year he had an ERA of 1.74 at home and 4.28
away. Also i hope we don't trade Marshall,Samardzija or Atkins. Last year Zambrano,Harden and Peavy
all missed time with injuries. I believe Cubs will trade for Peavy before the start of the season. Even though they won't need a fifth
starter till Apr. 25th. Cause Guzman,Hill and Cedeno are all out of options.