Saturday, January 24, 2009

Cubs Rumors Come Rolling In.

- The Cubs have had internal discussion about Jake Peavy but have also talked about Randy Wolf of Braden Looper according to the Sun-Times. They do note that the Cubs would still have to get owner approval. They should trade for Peavy, or sign Sheets, or sign Pettitte. No more Wolf or Looper crap!

- On Talkin Baseball, Crane Kenney that the Cubs are looking into launching a video on demand channel for the Cubs by Opening Day. Sounds great right!?! It gets better, the Cubs are still looking at getting an All-Cubs channel like the YES Network. It would carry all Cubs games. Sign me up!

- Bruce Levine had some updates for today so lets have a look-

***** The Cubs are looking at Juan Uribe as the 25th man on the roster. The Cubs are looking at a backup for second, 3rd, and SS that is right handed and he fits the bill well. The Cubs have also been looking at guys that can fill in as backup role at the corners as an option as well. They like Millar, Hinske and Aurilia. I do not see the Cubs bringing in Hinske(lefty) or Millar(has not played third in years) but I do see Aurilia, Uribe, and Nomar( that is my pick not Levine's).

***** Levine said the Cubs still like Heilman and the M's still like Cedeno, so a deal still could be made there. I would do that in a heartbeat!

***** Levine said the Cubs need Peavy because they do not have a true ace with the way Z has been pitching. Plus it allows the Cubs to move Harden the 5th spot, which would allow us to skip some starts. He thinks Peavy would cost Jeff Stevens, Garrett Olson, Josh Vitters, Kevin Hart, and Welington Castillo. Seems like a lot but sign me up. Then make the Cedeno/Heilman trade and sign Nomar, Uribe, or Aurilia and your set for Opening Day!

More to come I am sure!


Anonymous said...

A few questions/comments.

1. How long will it take to get the approval from the new owner. Yes, Ricketts is the new owner, but he has a far way to go before he can make a decision like that. When can you expect him to make a decision like that?
2. With Ricketts spending (from what ive heard) 70% of his money to buy the cubs, will he be able to afford peavys contract?
3. I feel that no matter what pitcher we trade for/sign, Harden should be #5 to keep him fresh and get some bullpen people to spot start. If we stay in-house, make harden #4 for sure. Keep him as low as possible.
4. The trade spelled out for Peavy looks good to me. Sure, we give up Vitters and Hart which hurts, but the rest are people who we got in trades in hope to get peavy. Ramirez is young too and I think (need to check), but we have him for a while longer. I think the main key in this trade is not to keep Vitters, but to make sure we keep Marshall, who will spot start at times and is a good fill in for an injury.
5. Trade cedeno for heilman, sign Uribe (could pan out to be a huge aquisition if it pans out). I love how they talk about Lee, and there really is no need to get another backup at 1st with the amount of games he plays.
6. My 25 man Rotation if all works out.
Soriano LF
Fontenot 2B
Lee 1B
Ramirez 3B
Bradley RF
Soto C
Fukudome CF
Theriot SS (switch with fontenot based on pitcher)
Hoffpauir 1B/OF
Miles 2B/SS/3B/OF/P(lol)
Uribe 2B/SS/3B/OF?
Johnson OF
Gathright OF/pinch runner
I feel with this, the bullpen will be great, Samardzija, Gaudin, Marshall can all go for a good amount of innings, we have 2 potential closers who are good under pressure and if one faulters, and we'll have 3 lefty's. The rotation will be great... best in the bigs I feel, the lineup has a good mix of rightys and leftys and can formed in many ways, and finally a bench that I feel is deep and has a few potential starters. If hendry can do this, which is difficult, but very possible, we could have a 100 game winning season.
How do you feel?

Anonymous said...

Didn't we already have a network showing all the Cubs games? Oh yeah, I think it was called "WGN".

Nick I Cub Fan said...

I still don't see Vitters going anywhere maybe Hill or Guzman but noy Vitters.

cubsfan82 said...


1. It could be any day now according to Steve Stone and the rest of 670 the score crew. Yes he is a ways away from being the next owners but Hendry or Ricketts can still make the call. The good thing is MLB owners and Bud Selig already said they will do whatever they can to move the process along quickly. Watch for him to give the OK to get another starter( hopefully Peavy) soon and be officially announced the new owner during Spring Training before Opening Day.

2. Yes he will still be able to afford Peavy. He is worth 2.6 Billion dollars and bought the Cubs for 900 million. Leaving him with some cash. Remeber the Cubs and Wrigley Field are cash cows. He will start expecting a big return in profit even after the first year, so a contract like Peavy is not that big of a deal.

3. I agree.

4.ANother good point. I really do not want to give up Vitters but to get Peavy I would trade him in a heartbeat!

5. Your 25 man is really good, dont forget Heilman could be the long relief man in the rotation as well as a spot starter with Marshall. Nice to have alot of versitlity on offense, defense, and pitching!

Jordan C said...

hey whenever you have slow day with your blog feel free to check mine out if to see if I have somethin new or anything.

Would the Cubs own network cost extra for Cable costumers???

waldo7239117 said...

Do you try to write something on your blog everday

because I like to write something if it is not rumors I will do roster trade they might do and etc

cubsfan82 said...

Jordan. I really like your blog. I will put it in my favorites as well as yours Waldo.


I try to write something everyday wether it is rumors or news or ideas.

Luckly I ususally have something cooking in my head! lol

waldo7239117 said...

do you have anything to write so far today that your going to write later