Friday, January 23, 2009

670 The Score Talk and more...

- 670 the Score said they are excited about the Ricketts Family as the new owner of the Cubs. As well as me!

- Steve Stone believes the Peavy trade will go down now.

- Mulley & Hanley speculate that a Peavy deal is in place, just waiting for Hendry to get the call from Ricketts or vice versa.

- If Peavy does not happen for some reason the Cubs will have the go ahead to get a guy like Perez or Sheets. Honestly after Peavy they should target Pettitte.

- Buster Onley says "there have been no recent conversations between the Padres and Cubs about Jake Peavy," but he believes talks could be restarted quickly given the Cubs' selection yesterday of the Thomas Ricketts group as the potential new owner. Thanks to MLBTR.


Cubbies412 said...

I would take Sheets over Pettite, Perez, or any other free agent pitcher for that matter... He's a stud and would take a one or two year incentive laden deal!

waldo7239117 said...

Whe do you think we will hear mor rumors on Jake Peavy

cubsfan82 said...


The reason I picked Pettite because he will just cost a one or two year deal and he is a lefty with a great pick off move. Not to mention he has pitched 200+ innings 10 of the past 14 years. K's are high with BB low.

Although I do like Sheets he does have a health concern and he is a righty, if the Cubs cant get Peavy then they should definitly get Andy in my opinion.


I expect the Peavy rumors to heat up by the next week. Ricketts was chosen as the winning bid but he still has some obsticles to cross, so that is front and center right now.

But expect things to take off soon and not stop!

waldo7239117 said...

And also If you get Sheets you will have to give up a first round pick because he is a type A free agent

Nick I Cub Fan said...

Here's my 2 cents worth.
I don't like giving up draft picks.

Anonymous said...

I'll be glad when peavy's actually in a cubs uniform. Hopefully sometime in the near future, like before spring training. Make it happen Jim!

Dynasty924 said...

Can't wait to see peavy in a cubs uniform. Hopefully before spring training. That would be a sick 1-5

Harden(this way he doesn't put too much strain on his arm.)

Also, why when people are talking about the cubs rotation they always fail to mention Rich Harden? Rich Harden is good enough when healthy to be anyone's #1 starter. I wouldn't mind seeing him in the 5 spot or 4th.

Irv in Melrose Park said...

You have to believe that either Z, Demp, Lilly and Harden (likely) will go down this year to injury. All have had injuries that have caused them to lose playing time except maybe Lilly. We have to think about getting Peavey AND another FRONT LINE starter in the even that one or two of these guys goes down. We don't have the type of offense that can bury teams with the bat. We are a team that is built to win on pitching. If that is the case, then we have to stockpile great pitching with the thought that we will lose 1 or 2 of these starters at some point in the season. You cannot expect Dempster to have the same type of season as last year. Lilly is just average. WE NEED 2!

Anonymous said...

I must disagree with Irv. The Cubs are very much a team that can bury teams with our bat. Last year we lead the league in Runs, OBP, SLG, and second in AVG. While the departure of DeRosa hurts the offense, the addition of Bradley and more playing time for Fontenot, on top of Soto's development into an elite offensive catcher, it is hard to say we are built to win on pitching. This is not to suggest I do not consider our pitching staff to be as solid as they come, but our offense is the aspect with which we win, and lose games.

I am all for the addition of Peavy, but we are not the Yankees and can't realistically acquire him along with another front line starter. There is no reason to carry a high priced starter to sit on the bench, or force into middle relief just to have an insurance policy. That is why we have a farm system and player like Guzman and Marshall who are cheap and can step up and make a spot start or two.

Anonymous said...

I think this team will struggle to score runs. Like last year we would have a game where we would score 8-10 runs and then only score 1-3 for a few days. The name of the game is consistency. We have too many streaky type hitters. That is why I think we will have trouble if we make it to the post season like the last two years. We need more bats that hit on a regular basis. Like Roberts. Soriano and Ramirez hit like crazy for a week and then hit .200 for two weeks.