Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Noah Lowry a Fit??

Today on the Giants website they suggested that the club trade Noah Lowry that is just coming off some arm issues but he would have to have a good spring and show he is healthy before they trade him or Sanchez.

The Giants are looking for a big power bat to put in their lineup which lacks pop. The Cubs currently have some big bats in their lineup and are looking at some pitching( it also helps that the Cubs are looking to shed some money so they can get a leadoff guy or Peavy). What I would suggest is the Cubs call the Giants and see if they would want Soriano and most of his outrageous contract for Lowry. I would give the Cubs a lefty in the rotation or trade bait for a guy like Peavy. Not to mention that the Cubs would get rid of the majority of his outrageous contract and would allow them to pursue a guy like Abreu, Dunn, or Manny for LF.

I personally think Soriano has great trade value and the time to trade him is now because he is getting up there in age. The one thing that could be a sticking point is Soriano's no trade protection and the fact of how much we would have to pay of his contract.

Do not get me wrong, I do like Soriano but if we can get Peavy/Lowry and replace him with a Dunn in LF, I would be all for a deal to trade him.


Anonymous said...

You gotta let the Dunn thing go. He's no good. You can't ignore the low ave and high K totals.

cubsfan82 said...

Sorry I can't! I love Adam Dunn. He may have a low avg and high K's but his career OBP is .381. He even posted a .417 OBP last season.

On top of that his strike out totals have went down since 2006 with his avg staying right about .247. I canlive with that if he hits 40 homers or more like he has since 2004.

I really like Adam Dunn, I can't change that!

Anonymous said...

Dunn sucks, can't field or hit for avg or sac guys over isn't a good rbi man even with 40 homers a year. To trade Soriano to sign him is a huge downgrade and Lowry has had 2 surgeries since he last pitched just stop lol. You could have at least said a Giant lefty with upside in SF like Sanchez or Bumgarner (top prospect lefty SP).

Anonymous said...

Dunn's strikeout numbers couldn't go anywhere but down since 2006. I like his home run numbers too, but he is way too one dimensional. He can't play defense. He can't hit for average. He has no speed. He strikes out nearly 160+ times a year. All this on top of the persistent rumor that he doesn't even like baseball. It isn't a good combination.

Anonymous said...

I can appreciate the loyalty - we'll agree to disagree. I forgot to mention the lack of defense he provides as well as the hefty price tag he would bring to the payroll. We'll see what happens. Go Cubs!

Anonymous said...

I really don't understand your love for Dunn either, I can't live with his numbers hitting, sure he has some good things with good OBP and power but to me that isn't enough. Also, he is a terrible outfielder!!