Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Micheal Young Rumors Starting

This is probably not even worth noting but there has been rumors that the Cubs could be a fit for Micheal Young. The Star-Telegram said that Young could give the Cubs flexibility that they lost when they traded DeRosa. It also said that the Rangers like Rich Hill and Josh Vitters. What it fails to note is the contract that Young has, the Cubs would not asorb something like that without trading a big contract.

Insert speculation from Joel Sherman , he says the Cubs could trade Alfonso Soriano to the Rangers for Michael Young. This way the Cubs could then have the financial flexibility to trade for Peavy. It just does not make sense considering Young makes 16 million a year for the next 5 years and Soriano makes 16 million this year and 18 million after that. It is basically a push in how much they make in a year. How does that make us be able to afford Peavy. It really doesn't. Now it the Cubs got in a three way trade that traded Soriano to the Rangers and the other team got Young and the Cubs got prospects, pitching, or a leadoff guy I would be all for it! But that is not likely to happen. Here is my 2 ideas of a three way trade-

Dodgers get Micheal Young
Rangerts get Alfonso Soriano
Cubs get Matt Kemp and salary relief

Red Sox get Micheal Young and Jarrod Saltalamacchia
Rangerts get Alfonso Soriano and Rich Hill
Cubs get Jacoby Ellsbury and salary relief

Those are just ideas though.


Anonymous said...

trades are unrealistic

aw said...

Lets take a pass on michael young. He is a 32 year old short stop and doesn't have that many quality years left in him. He is a huge product of that ballpark down there. His production doesn't even come close to Soriano. I would much rather have Peavy than Young.

Joe said...

Love your opinions... but the Red Sox arent going to trade Ellsbury after they dumped Coco and they do not have room up the middle with AL MVP Pedroia at 2B and Lowry? at SS.

The Dodgers might work... dont know who their 2B is... but if Young demanded the trade after being asked to go to 3B... would he go back to 2B for a team?