Thursday, January 15, 2009

Cubs Could Sign Aurilia Soon... Peavy talk... Pitching..

-Paul Sullivan of the Chicago Tribune says that the Cubs have spoken to Rich Aurilia and may offer a one year deal to take Ronny Cedeno's spot and back up Aram and Lee. We have heard this before this off season and I think Aurilia would be a great pick up. I also think Doug Mientkiewicz and Nomar Garciaparra would be a good fit.

- Here is a tidbit from Paul Sullivan's article-

Hendry will meet with the new owner of the Cubs as soon Tribune Co. completes the sale. He'll then find out whether he can find a way to fit Jake Peavy's $63 million contract into the Cubs' budget.

- As far as the Randy Wolf rumors, I just think the Cubs should go with Sean Marshall in the rotation before they sign Wolf. Here is my top 6 pitchers they should go with-

1. Jake Peavy
2. Andy Pettitte ( would only take one or two year deal)
3. Ben Sheets ( would take one or two year deal)
4. Kenny Rogers ( one year deal maybe minor league with invite to ST)
5. Odalis Perez ( one or two year deal)
6. Pedro Martinez ( one year deal)

Other than those I think you have Marshall, Gaudin, Guzman, and Hart battle for the 5th spot.

That is it for now, I will keep you updated!


waldo7239117 said...

maybe if the Cubs sign Aurilla they can then have a reason to trade cedeno in the Peavy deal

if we cant get Peavy I will want the Cubs to go after Sheets he is still consider an ace who started the all star game and he hasnt have alot of arm injuries in his career

and the Cubs probably could sign Aurilla to a 1 year contract worth around 1 to 2 million

and also The Rickeets family said they will take on the contract of Peavy so if they are the new owner Peavy will probably be a Cub on opening day so that will be good news

what do you guys think of that

Nick I Cub Fan said...

Waldo Sheets has been injured in 05-06-07 he should be a maybe. Wolf in the last 5 years, 120 innings is his best. Rogers is 44 years old and sucked the last 2 years. Martinez is to old and been injured the last 3 yrs. But i do like Peavy, Pettitte and Perez. Otherwise let Marshall start and sign a lefty relif pitcher. Just my opinion

waldo7239117 said...

The Cubs have sign OF So Taguchi to a minor league deal

Anonymous said...

we sign So Taguchi to a minor league deal.. i dont know if he helps at all but at least its another bat

waldo7239117 said...

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