Monday, January 12, 2009

Cubs Close to Signing Lefty

Thanks to my posters for this one!

- Patrick Newman of NPB Tracker is saying that the Cubs are close to signing left handed pitcher Ken Takahashi. This is still a ways away according to sources. Ken could allow the Cubs to add another Japanese player to their roster to make Fukudome feel more comfortable. I agree with this idea. Here is his stats. It looks like he has not started to many games, more of a long relief man. His ERA has fluxed quite a bit but could no hurt to sign him to a one year deal. It should be noted that he is 40 years old. Here has a great wind up and really good sweeping slider. Check out this video.

- To put this to rest fast the Cubs have no interest in Michael Young. He recently has came out and said that he wants traded. He is owed 62 million over the next 5 seasons so that does not appeal to the Cubs. The Cubs also do not want to trade Vitters for Young( which Texas is looking for a young 3rd baseman). He has been awful away from Texas during his career. The Cubs just have no interest in the 32 year old righty.

- Some good Jake Peavy news is that John Moores will likely be the majority owner for the Padres which means he will still have to cut payroll from 73 million to 40 million befor the season. The best thing is for the Cubs ownership situation to get resolved in Chicago as soon as possible. I have been told the feeling in San Diego is that Jake is gone. They need players to fill the field and no money to do it. While having a large contract and tremendous trade value in Peavy makes him as good as gone. Plus Jake's agent has said the would skip the WBC if traded to a new team so he can train with them which makes it sound it is just a matter of time. So things are looking good Cub fans!

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Minder said...

I'm wondering if this LOOGY signing isn't one of those minor league/major league deals that have all the lingo and mumbo-jumbo in the contract. But if it straightens out fuku im all for it. I just always got the feeling that Hendry was always one of Cott's supporters ever since that Aardsma deal.

I'm glad that this michael young thing can be put to rest before it even gets started. He's going to be in the theriot category before long and theres no reason to give a contract to a player like that.

Jake Peavy... Sooner or later will be a cub.. everyone knows it. We've dangled Vitters, hes there for the taking. And with the Japanese Lefty signing becoming closer that means marshall is expendable like in the beginning. But hopefully Moores knows that its not going to be that 7-1 deal..maybe 4-1.. vitters,marshall etc.

And honestly if we have no intentions of keeping pie why not just trade him straight up for Garret Olson. Olson was a rookie last year if im not mistaken and we can't expect much for pie if thats all we got for derosa. so whats the harm in taking olsen .another lefty to keep in the pen if hes healthy or trade to san diego..never can have enough lefties..

sorry for the long rant..