Monday, June 09, 2008

Cubbie Notes

- Lou and Larry are considering taking advantage of these off days coming up before the allstar break. They are considering giving there top 3 pitchers ( Zambrano, Lilly, and Dempster) more starts. They could skip a start of Marquis and Gallagher to give each of the three pitchers 7 starts while giving Jason and Sean each 6. This is a good move by Cubs management. While Jason showed yesterday he pitched well, we all know he is very inconsistent. While it seems Sean Gallagher is getting hit a bit more and looking like the Scouting reports are catching up to him. I like this idea a lot.

-,CST-SPT-cuban09.article = Mr. Mark Cuban is looking like he will receive the "book" on what Sam Zell is selling. Other ownership group along with Mark Cuban is expected to receive the book as early as today. This will start taking shape very quickly now. Lets hope the Lords of Baseball pick the right man, and that man is Mark Cuban.

- The Cubs will be looking to add a starting pitcher near the deadline and are currently happy with the lineup how it is. According to Peter Gammons and other baseball officials the Cubs have enough talent like Rich Hill, Sean Gallagher, Felix Pie, etc to add a top notch pitcher. Gammons rattled off Sabathia, Burnett, Meche, or Penny. Not sure how Meche is a top notch pitcher, career wise he is the same as Marquis. I will take the other 3 though!


Glacier said...

hill gally and pie seem like a nice haul to land a top notch guy. i really hope sabathia although seeing him hit would be preety bad im sure

BallstotheWalls said...

Who would be a good trading partner for the Cubs at this stage of the season? Mariners?

Kamel said...

I got excited too when Gammons mentioned CC and Burnett.

Lets keep it rolling!

glacier said...

Could the Cubs make a deal with Cardinals to see if we could get Anthony Reyes out of his funk and return him to the form he showed in the Cardinals WS in 2006?