Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Cubs Rumors Rolling In!

Lots of Cubs rumors and news today. Lets check out the hot stove!

- Jon Heyman of says Meche is "expected to be shopped by the Royals at the trade deadline," Naming the Cubs as a strong possibility. Just yesterday they stated that Meche would not waive his no trade clause to go to Chicago.

-Buster Olney noted "some folks in the industry" believe the Cubs would push the hardest for Sabathia if he becomes available via trade.

- According to Ken Rosenthal the Cubs are very interested in Brian Fuentes. He also stats that Jim Hendry will pursue the best available pitcher at the deadline.

- The Cubs have made it know that they have backed off on the "untouchable status" of Felix Pie, Sean Gallagher, Rich Hill, and Jose Ceda. They are actively scouting teams for a top tier pitcher and had scouts at the Cleveland game yesterday.

My thoughts-

-It would indeed be grand if the Cubs got C.C. Lets just hope the Indians tank soon because if they don't then Sabathia will be in Cleveland the remained of the year. C.C. will cost a ton of prospects but it would be worth it for a number one starter behind Z for the 2nd half and hopefully the playoff run.

-As far as Meche goes, I do not think he wants to be a Cub. So I say throw that rumor out the window.

-Brian Fuentes would be a solid pick up for the Cubbies. He is 0-2 with a great 2.45 ERA. He is a tough lefty that has only walked 8 in 25 innings pitched. He also has 9 saves on the year so he would be great in late inning work. Can you imagine opposing teams facing Fuentes, Marmol, and then Wood in the late innings???!!! Tough!


In other news-

Lou is planning to call up Micah Hoffpauir for inter league play this weekend. He also plans on having Lee, Aram, and Soriano DH and have Derosa and Micah play out in the field so the sluggers can have a break from the field.


Joe said...

It was more jesting wishful thinking... but looks like my pre season wish of the Indians tanking and us pushing for CC might come true. Definitely the first option here and I'm willing to let the Indians have their pick of the lot from the minors with the exception of Hoffpauir, since Soriano went down today with a broken hand.

Dont even worry about if Meche wants to waive his no trade for us or not... we dont want him anyway. Dont act like you are better than us Meche! You are Jason Marquis with just a higher salary.

I dont like the Reyes suggestion in the previous post comments. We need a vet arm with a proven track record. But on top of that... I dont think we would want to give the Cards anything back that might help them... cause they are our biggest challenger so far this season.

Looks like we'll start hearing some rumors for OFs too... now that Soriano went down.

Nick I Cub Fan said...

If we look at the stats it looks like Dempster is our ace and Zambrano no. 2. Talk about stats Sabathia has 4 wins and a 4.34 ERA Bedard has 4 wins and a 4.26 ERA. I do think even though both are not having their best years, would do better with the Cubs offence behind them. Clev. is last in the American league and Seattle is next to last in offence. Both teams should be rebuilding soon. That said why not offer Clev. many prospects for Sabathia and Sizemore. We would get another power hitting left handed bat. This would please me cause we could send EDMUNDS back to ST. LOUIS. Fuentes, Marmol and Wood that does have a nice ring to it.

Anonymous said...

good point Nick i think this cub club can set its sights higher than CC. Joe, Meche isn't as reliable as Marquis, sure you think Marquis is a .500 performer but he is on a hot team and with run production will keep us in any game he starts. Jimbo