Thursday, June 12, 2008

Soriano goes down and farm guys are up. Cubs sign Ben Broussard.

The Cubs put Soriano on the DL with a minimally displaced fracture of the fourth metacarpal on his left hand. He could be out up to 6 weeks but he hopes for a quick recovery and thinks he will be back before that.

Because the Cubs placed Sori on the DL they called up Micah Hoffpauir. They also sent down Kevin Hart and called up Eric Patterson. Both good call ups in my opinion.

Here is a lineup I would like to see against the right handed starters in the interleague series-

1. Theriot SS
2. Derosa LF
3. Lee 1st
4. Aram 3b
5. Fukudome RF
6. Edmonds CF
7. Soto C
8. Hoffpauier DH
9. Fontanoe 2b

against leftys

1. Johnson CF
2. Theriot SS
3. Lee 1st
4. Aram 3b
5. Soto C
6. Fukudome RF
7. Derosa LF
8. Hofpauier DH
9. Cedeno 2b

In minor note, the Cubs sign Bed Broussard to a minor league deal. Ben has only played 10 games in left field last year and has struggled this year. It looks like just to fill a roster spot in Iowa considering Hoffpauier deserves to be with the big club.

Broussard is a lefty with a career .263 avg., .324 OBP, and .450 slg%. Not that impressive, he would likely be in the minors for most of his Cubs career.


Anonymous said...

I don't understand the reasoning behind sign of Broussard. He has been dumped this year by two other teams already. Can the Cubs honestly expect to find lightning in a bottle on this one?

cubsfan82 said...

One good thing it is just a minor league contract and he is basically filling a spot in Iowa while Eric Patterson and Micah Hoffpauier are with the parent club.

Broussard does have nice power and could be used if there is any other injuries or Epatt/Hoffpauier struggle and he does well in the minors.

Anonymous said...

does anyone know if the icubs are still playing in Des Moines Iowa?!
i had the moob tube on earlier and looks like the area is in high water! Holy Cow! Jimbo