Thursday, June 05, 2008

Who did the Cubs Draft???

The Cubs picked Right handed relief pitcher Andrew Cashner and shorstop Ryan Flaherty in the MLB draft today. Cashner is a good right handed pitcher with a devastating curveball around 80 mph and a hard fastball that ranges anywhere from 96 to 98 mph. The Cubs tried to draft Andrew last year in the 29th round but he opted to go to TCU. He has closer stuff but the Cubs will likely make him a starter in the minors.

The Cubs also got a sandwich pick to compensate for Jason Kendall. They picked a 19 year old shortstop out of Vandy. He batted .324 with 14 homers and 63 RBI there. He is a good lefty with a lot of range.

For all the other guys the Cubs picked up go to this link-

Looks like the Cubs got some good kids. I really like the Cashner Kid!


Kamel said...

I read the SS kid didnt have good range... so they will move him to 3B. I also think they will keep the P as a RP. Sounds like he only has two good pitches and his numbers got better when he made the switch to the pen in college.

Nick I Cub Fan said...

From 2000 draft to 2008 draft over 400 players where drafted by the cubs, 2001 Soto and Theriot, 2002 Hill and Hoffpauir, 2003 Marshall, 2004 Gallagher. 3 are on the cubs 3 are in AAA. So i don't get to excited about the draft. I know there were some players that were traded for Lee and Ramirez etc. And maybe we could trade some more for a good starting pitcher. I do like Cashner. Hows the baby doing, teach him how to throw a curve yet.

cubsfan82 said...

I do agree with you Nick I.. I love the Cashner kid tho.

The baby is still in my wife's belly so no curve ball yet lol She is 14 weeks along and doing fine. Thanks for asking.

YOu know him or her WILL BE a Cubs fan!

Anonymous said...

that is an eye-opening stat Nick i.
let's hope Cubs cash-in with Cashner. good to hear the pregnancy is going well cubsfan. my wife and i had a baby last month. i wanted to name her after my favorite first baseman. no, not Choi or Bull Durham but Grace!!