Monday, June 02, 2008

Cubs could be in the market for a top tier pitcher???

The Cubs could entertain the idea of trading for a top tier pitcher before the trading deadline. As of right now the Cubs have Z, Lilly, Dempster, Marquis, and Gallagher filling out the rotation while Marshall rehabs and Hill continues to have setbacks. Right now the rotation is the weak point on this team( which is really not that weak). The Cubs in my opinion will have to get a top tier pitcher to really run away with the division the second half of the season.

Now as far as what pitchers are available currently, there are none. But if I know Hendry and Lou they will want a really strong rotation to take into the second half of the season and into the playoffs. I have no problem going into a series with Z, Lilly, and Dempster but the final two( Marquis and Gallagher) worry me some. Sean Gallagher has all the talent and heart in the world but how will he be once scouting catches up to him?? Marquis has been a typical 5th starter in the rotation, by no means is he a 4th starter. Then there is the issue with Marquis's attitude problem and constantly butting heads with upper management. Those are things I don't want to worry about the second half of the season.

So with that said who should the Cubs go after?? Who is rumored to be possibly shopped at the deadline?? And what would the cost be?? Lets have a look-

C.C. Sabathia- If the Indians continue to fall out of contention the will at least entertain offers for C.C.. He would come with a hefty price, probably at least Hill and Veal as starting points in negotiations for Sabathia to get in that Cubbie blue. One downfall is that his numbers are down from last year and he is in the final year of his contract.

Brad Penny- His numbers are also down but he is still a gamer and a number 1 on a lot of clubs. He has an option for next season that is worth 8.75 million which would be a steal considering pitchers his caliber are getting 12 million and higher. He would not cost as much as Sabathia but would take some decent talent to get him, they may be interested in Cedeno, Eric Patterson, or Micha Hoffpauir.

Derek Lowe- Gotta love the sinker in a hitter friendly park. He would not be considered top tier but he is better than Marquis by far. He is in the final year of his contract and would not cost as much as the two above. He is a great second half pitcher, he has 60 wins against 42 loses from July to October in his career so that would be a plus fo the Cubs.

Rich Harden- He has all the talent for a number one pitcher if he can stay healthy. The A's want a fortune for him and they should. He is 3-0 this year with a 2.60 ERA. He has a 7 million dollar option for 09 and is owed 4.5 million this year. I would love him if he stayed healthy and would cost us the farm but that is not guaranteed.

Aaron Harang- Another guy that should be available at the deadline. He is the aging expensive guy in the rotation that is blocking young cheap talent. He should be available but it is doubtful the Reds would trade him to the Cubs unless there blown away. Harang still has 3 years 36.25 million on this contract not including this year. He would look nice as a number two behind Z, not to mention you would have him locked up for the next 3 years.

These are some big names that the Cubs should look at the next month or so. To pick up one of them would be a big step to achieving their goal of winning a World Series.

If your wondering my pick, its Sabathia with Harang as a close 2nd.


Anonymous said...

with Sabathia being in last year of his contract I assume he is the best candidate. you're right. Cubs need to create more pitching options/candidates in the minors to bring up this time of year and after the AS break. Jimbo

Joe said...

Man... in the off season I joked with some Cle fans and a dude I met that played HS ball with CC... that we need the Indians to tank and trade CC to us.

But so far... it looks like it has a chance to become reality.

Like you said... it will cost alot of young talent... which I'm willing to deal the way Cubs are looking right now.

But depending on who we are bidding against... I cant imagine it getting too expensive (too expensive in my mind being the extreme like Hill, Veal, Pie, Patterson, etc all in a package) considering Hendry to point to the Mets Twins deal for Santana. Other than Veal, the above names are those that I am willing to part with. You can throw in Marshall and Gallagher too if they want them. Cedeno too. But not Hoffpaur or vitters. This is also assuming we get 72 hours to sign CC to an extension.

Glacier said...

i just hope the dodgers can keep losing b/c lowe and penny would be nice additions. my favorite on that list would be Harang. one of the most underrated pitchers in the game. i doubt cincy trades him this year though let alone within the division

Nick I Cub Fan said...

I like your picks, i'm still hoping Hill can find his control. If not i think Wolf of S.D. would be available pretty cheap. S.D. did like Murton and Pie at one time and they could use all the outfield help they can get. Even Torres at AAA could be offered. Or Fox who could catch or play the outfield. They need catching help also. And we could use another starter.

Anonymous said...

sabathia is the obvious choice, but i doubt we have the tools in the minors to get him. plus he would cost us probably 5-6 prospects. penny is intriguing as well. he is a workhorse, and has great stuff. with our offense and run support, he could be exactly what we need.

Anonymous said...

I would go with Sabathia too, but only if we get a window to negotiate a contract extension first. Trade for him then sign him to be a fixture in the rotation next to Big Z.

Anonymous said...

I think the point is being missed that Cubs can get CC or another pitcher in his last year of contract from a losing team without giving up much. could be best to wait a few months to find such a player. Jimbo

Kamel said...

What about Tim Hudson now that Smoltz may be done for the season.

Now I havent kept up with how long Smoltz has been out... but it seems like the Braves have been slipping lately.

Assuming they continue to dwell in the bottom half of the East... it wouldnt be unrealstic to see them dump some players by the deadline.

Smoltz hasnt even thought of retirement yet despite a serious injury at his age, but would it be reasonable to hang onto Hudson for 2009 and beyond (dont know how many more years he is under contract).

traderumor said...

You think Sidney Ponson is an option?

cubsfan82 said...


I do not think Ponson would be an option becuase of his ineffectviness plus he is a clubhouse cancer.

The Cubs do not need that... It seems more and more likely the Cubs will keep their lineup as it is and go after a #1 or #2 pitcher.