Saturday, May 31, 2008

Cubs make a deal and other notes.

-The Cubs made a small move today by acquiring RHP Jim Brower from the Reds for cash considerations. He has not shown he can handle the ML by posting a double digit ERA and his lack of time in the big leagues for a 36 year old. Here is a link to his stats-

- Sweet Lou might have a tough decision to make on Micha Hoffpauir when Ward comes back from the DL, which sounds like he is still a couple of weeks away. Micha can play 1st, RF, and LF, all which are filled by superstars. He is not fast enough to play CF so there in lies the problem. Would Lou consider moving Fukudome in CF and putting Hoff in RF?? Not likely according to this link-

- Here is some of Jim Edmonds post game comments-

After being down 9-1, the Cubs come back to win 10-9. Jimmy Edmonds was named player of the game. He had a single, double, HR, 3RBI, 3 runs scored. Edmonds said in the post game interview, quote: " Deep down inside i've always wanted to be a Cub. Wrigley field is electric. Cub fans are the greatest fans in baseball. They make me feel young again. It feels like home."

I am really starting to enjoy Jim Edmonds and everything he brings to the Cubs. Yes, this is one game and he even committed an error in the game on miscommunication but never less when you are part of the reason the Cubs come back from a 9 to 1 deficit then you are OK in my book. I really think his swing is coming back along with his batter eye. I noticed he has the sweet, smooth, loft to his swing that made him so effective in St. Louis all those years has come back. If the Cubs could get Jimmy Ballgame to hit near his career line, they just might have caught lightning in a bottle!

- What can you say about Carlos Marmol?! NASTY!!!!!!! I think he is the best reliever that is not a closer in MLB!

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Joe said...

I find his quote that he always wanted to be a Cub a little hard to believe. But it is hard to ignore his contributions Fri.

I think Bob Bren mentioned that Edmonds didnt have the luxury of Spring Train due to injury. So his slow start has been sort of his Spring Train. So we may indeed see some decent results from him.

But I thought his comment right after the game were the funniest. CSN asked him if he felt like a Cub now. He said he thinks the bleacher bums still see him in a red uniform... but he is happy to be a part of a winning team and doing his best to help the guys in the locker room win games.