Monday, May 26, 2008

Rumors starting to heat up!

It seems it is time for rumors to really start getting hot again. So lets check some of them out.

- Lou maybe already growing impatient with Jim Edmonds. He is off to a slow start with the Cubs despite his good defense. He is 2 for 15 with the Cubs and looks rather lost a the plate. Lou has already said " He needs to start to hit" which means he could be released or traded if he does not turn it around. Not to meniton he was getting the same production from Felix Pie at this level.

-If the Cubs do release Edmonds they could call up Pie again to fill his void or call up Andres Torres. Torres is batting .324 with 4 HR, and 16 RBI in 44 games. The Cubs also could make a trade or put Fukudome in CF against righties, Hoffpauier in RF, and Soriano in LF. Nice to know the Cubs have some options.

- It is likely that Lou would prefer to get a CF via trade. Someone with power or speed, decent defense, and good OBP. He would be looking to bat the guy 2,5,6, or 7. Lets take a look at potential CFers that could be available.

1. Gary Matthews Jr.- A switch hitter that has been struggling lately but plays good defense, and has good power. Not to mention he would be cheap player wise because of the depth in the outfield and Matthews contract.

2. Reggie Willits- A favorite on HSC, he has great speed, good defense, and would be a great in the two hole. The Angels are hesitant trading him because of Matthews struggles.

3. David DeJesus- He is a good lefty bat, great defense, and could fill in the top or bottom of the order. He hits around .280, with a .356 OBP every year. He has decent power and is being shopped by the Royals.

4. Juan Pierre- We already had JP before and he has been a favorite of mine. He has a good glove, no arm, speed, good avg., and high OBP. The Dodgers are currently using him as a part time player. He is hitting .286 with 16 RBI and 18 SB. He could come cheap if the Cubs took on some of his contract.

5. Kenny Lofton- He is still out there. He would up typically Kenny Lofton numbers. He would cost the Cubs money not players.

6. Melky Cabrera- He plays really good defense, has a great arm but is losing playing time to Damon, Abreu, and Matsui. He is inexpensive in cost and would probably cost the Cubs a young pitcher or prospect.

7. CoCo Crisp- Switch hitter, great defense, and decent hitter. He would cost a bit considering the Red Sox do not want to give him up.

8. Shane Victorino- Here is my favorite. He is a switch hitter with blazing speed, great defense, and very clutch! He would be good as a platoon partner in CF with Johnson and would not cost to much.

There is not to many big names available out there at the moment but you should start to see the rumors really pick up. I honestly think the Cubs need to go after a good solid starter like Maddux to stabilize there rotation rather than upgrade there outfield.


Joe said...

I read somewhere that Victorino is on the block with Phi liking Jason Werth's production. So definite possibility there.

I like Maddux... but if we are going to trade young talent for SP... might as well go all the way and get a #2 SP.

Anonymous said...

Just wondering....What's WRONG with Reed Johnson??? He's doing great and should be given the opportunity!

Nick I Cub Fan said...

I would like to see more pitching too. I also think Damon for Marquis would work cause N.Y needs a pitcher who could eat up some innings, and their salaries are about the same. But willits is still my first choice.

Kamel said...

Reed Johnson doesnt have the best numbers vs RHP.

brewersbite said...

Bet they wait until July deadline to get a major impact guy from someone who will find themselves in a selling situation at that time.

tradeumor said...

Neal Cotts is back....why Jim why?