Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Roberts deal not close??

Anyone else tired of this??? Thanks to MLBTR-

On Monday,'s Jon Heyman said the Cubs and Orioles had resumed talks for Brian Roberts, and one of his sources said these talks were getting serious.

Not so, according to Jim Hendry and Gordon Wittenmyer of the Chicago Sun-Times. Hendry says he's had "no active talks in any trade situation in the last five, six days." Wittenmyer talked to one Cubs source who indicated that no progress has been made toward acquiring Roberts since camp began. Paul Sullivan of the Chicago Tribune has the same story.

Both journalists reference "Internet rumors" rather than Heyman's specific report, a practice that still strikes me as odd.

Honestly I do not understand what the hold up is. This is the longest potential trade rumor I have heard in a long time. Jim needs to come out and say either- yes, we want Roberts and are pursuing him- or - No, we are looking elsewhere for help-. That would make me happy.

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Kamel said...

I dont think Hendry can come out and say that... due to the tampering rules.

Honestly... I think the rules are more to help GMs not have to talk to the media than it is to do with tampering.

Hendry has said something along the lines of "a player of Roberts quality would obviously be positive for the team".