Thursday, March 06, 2008

Did Someone Say Trades??

"Did Someone Say Trades??" is my new feature on Hot Stove Cubbies. This will discuss potential players to be traded before opening day or during the season. In this I will discuss why I think the player will be traded, possible suitors for the player, and what players the Cubs could get in return. So here we go-

Matt Murton- Although it hurts me to say it, Matt does not have a spot on this team. Yes, he could start in AAA and be called up for an injury but he and the Cubs are better suited parting ways and sending him to a team that needs OF help. I think Matt could post something like a .280 avg., with 20 homers, and 70 RBI in a full time role in the Bigs. Now who could he help??

The Mets- With the injuries plaguing NY they may make a move for OF help. They do have OF depth but I do not see them trotting out Pagan and Anderson everyday in LF. Although Murton is not the sexiest name, the Mets could have interest and I think the Cubs could land a couple of decent prospects for him.

The Padres- Murton to the Pads have cooled but they remain interested in the red head. I can see him also going there for a couple of minor league players.

The Giants- The most intriguing off all to me. The Giants have an aging OF with Roberts and Winn. They are poised to have a firesale with most of there veterans on the move. The Giants do have some decent young talent in the OF but they would not mind adding Murton. I think a deal like Murton and a low level prospect for Randy Winn would benefit both teams. The Giants would get younger while the Cubs got there switch hitting, defensive minded 4th outfielder. Winn hit .300 with 14 homers, 65 RBI, and 15 SB last season. His OBP was a good .353 and would be a fall back if Pie does not cut it. Winn is owed 16.25 million over the next two seasons, the Giants would have to pay a portion of that off course.

The Rangers- The Cubs were rumored to offer Murton straight up for Byrd and Texas rejected the offer. I think the Cubs could still make a trade with Texas. Texas would be getting younger and have a ML ready LF to platoon with Murphy or take the reigns by himself. The Cubs could take a good prospect or two from Texas for Murton. Maybe like Warner Madrigal and Brennan Garr for Murton??

The O's- The most likely of all of them. He could go there in the Roberts trade if it ever happens.

Either way I think Murton will be traded this season, it is too bad we do not have a spot for him because he has a bright future ahead of him.

I will continue with "Did Someone Say Trades??" next week with a new player so stay tuned!


Anonymous said...

This is a cool idea. I think Murton gets traded before the season starts. Most likely to the O's

Unknown said...

I dont mind Winn as a 4th OF... but definitely not an option in CF if Pie struggles. I dont think Winn has the range anymore to cover CF. I would rather have Fuld in there or otherwise keep names like Crisp and Byrd a priority before we settle for Winn.

If the Rangers wont do Byrd for Murt straight up, pass. I'm assuming Byrd makes more money than Murt, although probably less than $5 million, so the Rangers would be saving some money while getting back an OF option they can hold onto for a few years while they rebuild. I refuse to ship Murt + anything for Byrd.

Austin said...

I'd like to add the Tigers to this list. Inge for Dempster or Marquis along with Murton.
Just thinking...