Saturday, August 11, 2007

Bad Ohman and Sox do want something for Pods.

Thanks to Chicago Tribune-

DENVER -- Will Ohman's latest attempt at clearing up his name was not received well by his teammates, manager and general manager, and could lead to an off-season divorce from the organization.Ohman appeared Friday on the "Mike North Morning Show" on WSCR-AM 670, apparently to defend himself from speculation he was embellishing a minor arm ailment to avoid reporting to Triple-A Iowa. Ohman told the station the Cubs doctors knew of his arm problem and that he had been hurting for 2 1/2 months.

He said Tuesday the Cubs trainers knew his shoulder was "barking."One player walked up to a group of reporters Friday and pointed out that Ohman never reported early to the ballpark to have Cubs trainers work on his arm."You can't not show up and then say you're hurt," he said. "It doesn't work that way."Some Cubs were upset trainer Mark O'Neal has been dragged into the controversy. One even referred to Ohman as "our former left-hander."General manager Jim Hendry reiterated neither Ohman nor O'Neal mentioned any injury to him before Ohman was demoted to Iowa on Tuesday. If Ohman had been injured seriously the Cubs would have placed him on the disabled list."If Will felt he couldn't go, for the benefit of the ballclub, he should have let us know so we could have gotten somebody else to pitch," Hendry said.Hendry was upset Ohman continued to make an issue of his demotion three days later."I've known Will since I drafted him in 1998, and I'm fairly visible in our clubhouse," Hendry said. "He never mentioned [an injury] to me. Let's not make a bigger thing out of it than it is. He certainly was not a DL candidate. He was available to pitch even on the night he was sent out."Ohman is scheduled to report to Iowa on Saturday.Hendry wouldn't speculate on Ohman's future in the organization, although club sources say he is likely to be traded or released after this season. Ohman is signed through 2008 and will receive $1.6 million next year.Manager Lou Piniella said Ohman's injury was news to him."[O'Neal] is really good at conveying to me if a guy has as much as a pimple," Piniella said. "I work closely with the trainer. He gives me a report daily on who can play and who he's treating and so forth."Was Piniella upset by the accusation the team knew Ohman was injured when he was sent down?"All I know is what I was told, and if I had known there was a problem, whether it was Ohman or any other player, I wouldn't use him," he said. "It's hard enough to play this game when you're 100 percent, as opposed to playing it less that that. And I know Mark is good at giving me reports, so I'll leave it at that."

Guys like this don't deserve to put on a Cubs uniform. He is the type of guy who only looks after himself and blames " the trainer and his injury" on why he was sent down. If your injured tell the freaking team! Don't go out there and pitch because your only hurting the team!

Put this guy on waivers because I don't want to see his name on a cubs jersey whether it be Iowa or Chicago ever again!

According to multiple sites the White Sox want a good prospect for Pods. Is Pods the same guy that they tried to nontender at the beginning of the season?? Isn't he the same guy who Ozzie called "unreliable"???? It seems the Sox are trying to rob the cubs of one of its decent prospects. I have heard the Sox want players like Marmol, Gallagher, etc, if the white Sox think there gonna get a player like that for Pods there stupid. You can have a player like Cedeno, Ohman, Cotts, or Coats or someone not on the 40 man roster. The Sox should just do a salary dump on the Cubs and get a PTBNL from them. This way some of there young kids can play and Pods can go to a winning team and help us. Come on Williams, stop asking for the moon for your players be realistic!

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