Friday, August 10, 2007

Cubs put claim on Pods?? Hendry makes alot of claims.

According to MLBtraderumors-

Cubs Claim Scott Podsednik?
Several people have emailed me this morning about an ESPN Radio 1000 report. Apparently the Cubs have claimed Scott Podsednik. As with the Shannon Stewart situation, I'm currently unclear on whether the Cubs simply put in the claim on Pods or if they've been awarded it.
How Podsednik would help the Cubs is beyond me, but that's why Jim Hendry gets paid the big bucks. Podsednik makes another $860K or so this year, and might be a nontender candidate this winter. By the way,
this is where I believe the original rumor began.

Now( like the guy who runs MLBTR) I don't believe that the cubs put a claim on Pods. I do think this is just a rumor that hit radio stations and people ran with it. Now I could be wrong but that is just my opinion.


Jim Hendry has been busy the last couple of days. According to sources, Hendry is trying to make this team better, and working hard to fill in holes that this team currently has. According to several of my sources Hendry has put in at least 12 waiver claims on 12 players in the last couple of days. Be interesting to see what players he wins and what players he ends up getting. So far I have kept record of players that are rumored to have been claimed.

Casey Blake

Shannon Stewart

Matt Stairs

Scott Podsednik

Johnny Damon

I will update this list as soon as I hear any other names pop up.


Anonymous said...

I heard Lawrence Holmes on ESPN Radio 1000 briefly mention Blake's name too. To be honest I feel like Pods wouldnt be a useful addition because we already got speed contact guys to set the table in The Riot and Fontenot. But then I thought some more about it and maybe Pods could take over Pagan's role? Contact speed guy off the bench that could pinch run and come in as a defensive replacement for Floyd or Murt?

cubsfan82 said...

I agree 100%.. It seems Pagan is gonna be out more than the 15 days possiably and I feel Pods could be a great addition to this team. He is fast, decent defender, and has WS experience. I hope Jim gets the deal done and we dont have to give up much!