Sunday, August 05, 2007

Z wants to stay with the cubs, even for a discounted price.

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Zambrano Wants To Sign With Cubs
Cubs ace Carlos Zambrano says he's ready to sign; the Cubs just need to put a reasonable contract offer in front of him. He'd sacrifice the chance to hit the open market after the season. It appears that five years and $90MM would get the job done. Zambrano would be likely to exceed Barry Zito's 7/126 on the open market, so this is a discount. He'd still be the highest-paid Cub.
Back in April, it was five years, $80MM. The Cubs have cost themselves $10MM by waiting, and that amount will continue to increase if Zambrano finishes strong and/or actually gets to free agency.
Zambrano has bounced back from a lousy start, and now his numbers are in line with career marks. I have to admit that
in May I suggested that even 5/80 was a bad idea for the Cubs. Has Zambrano's performance since then changed my mind? It certainly makes the decision tougher. I don't have a good answer here; it depends on what the Cubs would do with the money if they let Z walk.

If the cubs can get Z for 5 years 90 million they better jump on it! Draw up the contract and have him sign it as soon as possible. If you can get Z for 20 million or less its a steal for the simple fact players like Zito are getting 126 million for 7 years and he is nothing but a average flyball pitcher.. Can you imagine pitchers like Z, Santana, or even Hamels hitting the market??? You might see the most outrageous contracts in baseball history. So sign Z to a 5 year 90 million with a mutual option for the 6th year at an additional 19 million. That my friends is a steal!

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