Sunday, August 12, 2007

Deals dead for Pods and Stewart??

According to MLBTR-

Cubs Deals For Podsednik, Stewart Dead
Gordon Wittenmyer of the Chicago Sun-Times reports that the Cubs will not be acquiring Scott Podsednik, and in fact chances were slim from the beginning. I saw a recent poll where the majority of Cubs fans thought the Cubs should trade for an outfielder. I disagree - I can't see a waiver acquisition improving upon the in-house options. The one possible exception I can think of is Matt Stairs. Regardless of my opinion, the Cubs will apparently go with what they've got.
Similarly, the idea of acquiring Shannon Stewart should be dismissed.
According to the Contra Costa Times, Stewart's continued presence in an A's uniform means the deadline has passed for a trade. Joe Stiglich notes that Stewart could net the A's a high draft pick if he leaves via free agency.

But according to Hendry he still has some live claims out there for a couple of players. Yet he says he is comfortable with how the team is. Personally I am not comfortable how the team is. Trotting Murton to bat clean and playing everyday I'm not comfortable with. I understand he is having a good series, but most people have a good series when there at Coors. So until he makes it constant Hendry should still be looking. I am also not comfortable with Cedeno coming off the bench to pinch hit or as a defensive replacement. Hopefully he gets sent down when Ward comes back. Why doesn't Hendry trade for Wily Mo Pena??? He has cleared waivers without a claim and I think he could help this team especially with Pagan out. He has raw power, OK glove and arm.. why not trade Ohman and Cedeno for him?? Some moves need to be made to help this team while Pagan and Sori are out and in case of an injury because we cant lose anymore key players!


In other news, Lou has said that the Cubs are going to be doing closer by committee. They guys you will see closing out games for the cubs are Marmol, Dempster, and Howry. I wouldn't be surprised to see Woody get some opportunities too.


Anonymous said...

You answered your own qustion on Pena. No one claimed him,does that tell you something

Kamel said...

I think Cliff Floyd will tear it up once he comes back from the BL. You heard it hear first. Although it has been kept under the radar for the most part in the clubhouse, I'm sure his father's illness has weighed heavily on him.