Thursday, August 16, 2007

Cubs to take a strong look at Wily Mo!

Straight from the rumor mill and from my dedicated readers. Wily Mo Pena is expected to be DFA or traded in the next day or so. This is what the Boston Herald has to say-

The team has yet to announce Buchholz’ start because of the maneuvering required to add him to the 25-man roster. Indications point to underproductive outfielder Wily Mo Pena being traded or designated for assignment today or early tomorrow. Pena has cleared waivers and can be traded without restrictions.

The Cubs have expressed interest in Pena in the past. Jim tried to acquire him via trade before he was eventually traded to Boston for Arroyo. In the past 3 years Pena has draw interest from many teams but are hesitant because of his "lack to hit breaking pitches" and his lack of experience in the minor leagues before making the jump to the ML.

The Cubs ( who have had a full outfield until recently) have been bitten by the injury bug and other circumstances. Recently the cubs were looking to add Pods and Stewart via trade but they fell through. With Pagan and Soriano on the DL and having Fox and Murton splitting time in the outfield along with Jones, Pie, and Ward, the cubs are interested in picking up a bat. If the Cubs were to acquire Pena( which I don't hide, I would love that!) they would have a problem when Sori, Floyd and Pagan come back. I don't believe Pena can be sent down but if I had to pick between Murton and Pena. Ill take Pena! As far as who will go to Iowa if he is acquired, you gotta believe it would be Cedeno. He is not getting any PT with the way Derosa, Font, and Theriot are playing and personally he is nothing but a good AAA player.

Pena would come cheap especially if he is released. He is only making 1.875 million this year and would cost nothing to get the raw power righty. Now if we go the trade route it will likely be for a PTBNL or a minor leaguer not on the 40 man roster( so he doesn't have to pass waivers). Pena would be a great addition to this team and would really help them down the stretch especially when the Cubs extend the roster to 40 man on the 1st.

He can do nothing but help the Cubs. Come on Jim get it done!

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Kamel said...

As much as I like Murt and what I've seen so far from Fox, it would probably one of them two to be sent down if we get Pena.

We would still need Cedeno as a back up IF. I would like for us to rest Rammy as much as possible if we are blowing teams out and having Cedeno along with DeRosa and Fontenot provides that IF flexibility.

Once Sori, Floyd, and Pagan come back, I actually wouldnt mind sending Pagan down and keeping Pie up. The minor league season will probably be over by then anyway, and at the very least Pie is capable of filling Pagan's role as a defensive replacement/pinch runner/PH with the occasional start.