Thursday, March 29, 2007

Lots of cubs news and boxscore for today

First the news-

- Cubs have been scouting Barmes. I don't know why they have unless they feel we need another middle infielder in AAA. Making a move for him as a minor leaguer would be wise but don't trade for him to put him on the ML roster. Cedeno can do a better job than him.

- Prior was sent down to AAA Iowa today. Not a big shocker, but don't be surprised if he is called up in a few weeks if Miller isn't cutting it or if Prior starts domination watch out!

- Cherry and Pagan were optioned down to Iowa also today. Wood will likely start the season on the DL. Cedeno of course got the 25th spot on the team along with Guzman.

- Media feels deal done for Z by the weekend.


Here is the link to the final ST game-

-Micah Hoffpauir hit a three-run, tie-breaking homer with two outs in the seventh. In the second

-Wade Miller gave up three runs on three hits and one walk over three innings while striking out two.


Anonymous said...

Will Hendery make a deal for starter if Wade Miller and Prior go down and we are in contenshon? I know they spent a lot of money. But what about dealing for another good pitcher?

cubsfan82 said...

There are a few pitchers that have been made availibale like Kim from the rockies, Hendrickson from the dodgers, Penny from the dodgers also but his tag is high, Liber from the Phils, possiably Westbrook from the indians etc.. If Prior and Miller do go down you could see a trade being made if its a long period of time. If not a long period expect Marshall, Guzman, Veal, Mateo, or Marmol to fill the roll in the rotation or maybe even Cotts