Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Latest on the Z saga. Pagan to Marlins?

According to

Cubs, Zambrano Still Talking
Gordon Wittenmyer of the Chicago Sun-Times says the Cubs spoke with Carlos Zambrano's agent yesterday, and they'll talk more this week regarding a contract extension. Wittenmyer expects the five-year deal to include the $12.4MM he's making this year and come in around $75-85MM total.
Pure speculation, but
Buster Olney believes the Cubs could announce a Zambrano extension on Opening Day (Monday) to create some positive vibes to start the season. Olney is thinking five years, $85MM - the top end of Wittenmyer's range.
At this point, it seems highly unlikely that no agreement is reached by Opening Day. Sorry, Mets fans.

I actually think that Buster Olney is on the right track! That would be a huge signing and would create huge buzz to start off the year. As long as a deal is done by opening day I will be a happy camper!


This according to the Miami herald-

But if the starter struggles early, don't be surprised if Florida makes a trade. A high-ranking executive with another team said the Marlins are intrigued by the Cubs' Angel Pagan, among others.


Here is the box score to today's game-

- Lee, Aram, and Sori all had homeruns

-Sori had an error, Floyd had two, and Theriot had one. Not a good defensive game for the cubbies.

- Prior gave up 3 hits, 2 runs, 0 earned in 3 innings of work.

- Wood determined to get back to pitching as soon as possible

- Hill has slight blister on his finger, could be the reason for his bad outing

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