Sunday, March 25, 2007

Box Score for today and other notes

Here is the link to the box score today-

- Lilly looked like a number one starter today! He pitched 6 innings only giving up 4 hits, walking one and striking out 4. The SO he had were impressive and had the opposing batters off balance and looking ridiculous!

- Floyd had a monstrous shot today. He picked up 2 rbi and one of them was a bases loaded walk.

- Derosa made some spectacular plays today at 3b. He made diving stops and let me tell you he has one of the strongest arms I have ever seen!

- Wood had a bad outing picking up the L. He gave up 3 hits 3 earned runs.

-There waiting to see how Wood will respond on Monday before they determine his next outing. He needs to get more innings before opening day or he wont be starting in the ML level.

- Lou will make more cuts the next few days.


Anonymous said...

Do you think Hendrey will make a move with one of the lefties in to get another starting picher in case Miller or Prior wont be sucessfull?

cubsfan82 said...

The only one that I can see him moving is Pagan becuase I think he may be out of options but im not sure on that. As far as pitching, if Miller and Prior dont work look for Marshall, Guzman, or maybe even Veal to make the jump up to the Bigs. But I dont see them trading pitching.