Sunday, January 07, 2007

2007 Starting Pitching Projections

With news and rumors as slow as it is, and counting the days til Spring Training. I have decided to put up my starting pitching projections.

Carlos Zambrano- 19-6 2.87 era and 222 K's

Ted Lilly- 14-8 3.99 era and 163 K's

Rich Hill- 12-14 4.14 era and 121 K's

Jason Marquis- 14-12 4.40 era and 102 K's

Mark Prior- 7-4 3.99 era and 60 K's ( taking in consideration that he wont be ready by spring training)

Wade Miller- 9-7 4.09 era and 78 K's( Mark and Miller will share time at he 5th spot and also both could be spot starters in some situations)

Thats the numbers i came up with, it would be great if the first four starter would all get double digits in wins and single digits in losses but that wont happen. I see alot of decisions in the cubs starting pitching this year, yet I also see the bullpen being used and getting quite a bit of the decisions also. I did take into consideration that maybe Marshall, Marmol, or Cotts maybe get a start here or there but thats hard to project. I will do another one of these along with Postion player projections near spring training, alot can happen from now til then so stayed tuned.

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