Thursday, January 04, 2007

Cubs could be intrested in Finley, Erstad, or Church??

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Darin Erstad, CF--Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim
Posted: 04:58 PM - Jan 3, 07
The Rockies are set to sign either him or John Mabry. Rockies, White Sox, Orioles and D-Rays interested. His first choice remains to return to the Angels. The Cubs could also use him, but they are pursuing Ryan Church and Steve Finley instead. ...This rumor was last updated on 04:58 PM - Jan 3, 07. The source of this rumor was
St. Petersburg Times.

I cant say im suprised because of Jim saying he wants a stop gap because of Pie but Finley and Erstad are not better than Jones, Church you may say is better on D, but with the bat Jones beats them all. I say let Jones, Theriot, and Pie fight over it in spring training.

Here a link to there stats-




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