Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Cubs players may go to arbitration hearings. Floyd and Jones.

The cubs in 12 years have never went to an arbitration hearing with a player, but that may all change. According to the daily herald there are a couple of intresting players up for arbitration- Z, Prior, and Ohman.

Big Z-Zambrano is entering his free-agent year, and the Cubs want to keep him. The best guess here is that the two sides will avoid arbitration and settle on a one-year deal before spring training. After that, general manager Jim Hendry will negotiate a multiyear extension, just as he did in years past with Kerry Wood, Derrek Lee and Aramis Ramirez

we already know this will basically happen because Jim said he will start negotiations in the next two weeks with Z and his agent. I think Bruce Miles hit it right on the head!

Prior-Prior made $3.55 million in 2005 and $3.65 million in 2006, when shoulder problems limited him to 9 starts and 43¿ innings. The Cubs may not go so far as to cut Prior’s salary (they’re allowed to do so by 20 percent), but don’t look for them to offer any raise, either.
We’ll see how Prior responds, both on and off the field.

Look for the cubs to give him a simular deal with wood, which prior wont like but a guy who probably wont be heathy by spring training and only had 9 starts and 43 innings he shouldnt complain

Ohman-The better bet is that this one ends up before the arbitrator, where Ohman may be looking to break the $1 million mark.

I guess he is worth a million or 1.5 million. No problem with that

This little tidbit is not much but at least people are still asking about it-

The Cubs report no new progress with free-agent outfielder Cliff Floyd, late of the Mets. Ditto for any trade talk surrounding apparently disgruntled outfielder Jacque Jones.

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