Thursday, January 11, 2007

Cubs center field still open


Ken Rosenthal burst back onto the scene with a slew of new trade and signing rumors for us to mull over. A summary:
The Cubs are still looking to trade Jacque Jones, who carries a reasonable price tag. Rosenthal says a Cliff Floyd signing is likely, though the Chicago papers reported nothing new on that front earlier this week. As expected, the Cubs would like a veteran to bridge the gap to center fielder of the future Felix Pie. Ryan Church, Steve Finley, or Darin Erstad could be that guy. Bernie Williams is a long shot, though the Cubs do have a good relationship with Scott Boras.

I dont understand why we would not have Pie, Jones, Theriot, and Murton battle for CF in Spring Training. You got to believe at least one of them could pull off decent defense out there andat least you know with Jones you get a good lefty bat in the lineup that can hit 25 hr. I only trade Jones if you can get good value for him like a Figgins( who is lefty and can fill the #2 spot nicely) or someone like that. Here is why Finley, Erstad, Williams, and possiably Church wont work here-

Finley is old and doesnt play very good offense or defense. Thats hardly an up grade from the players we already have on our team.

Erstad is not a bad player but also older and is hardly an everyday player and I think again the players on our staff would outperform him in every catergory. Besides he is a utility player and we have one already in Derosa.

Williams is a really good player but will not be able to play everyday and Jones would play better D then him in center but in retrospect he would be a good mentor for Pie, but again pretty old and can be outpreformed by many of the players on our staff.

Church is one of the few i actually like, He has good patients, he is young, decent power numbers but not gonna replace Jones offense. But plays good defense. check his stats-

What I do is keep the team as it is and let those player battle for cf. I do think adding Floyd is a good idea, he is a good hitter and would be great coming off the bench.. A great gamble for probably less than 5mill for one year deal. He could hit 25hr if heathy and is a great clubhouse guy and a much need lefty power bat in the outfield. I hope and think the cubs will sign him.

Thats just my thoughts tho.

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