Sunday, February 10, 2013

Cubs Hits: Pitchers and Catchers Report Edition

  • Every pitcher and catcher was basically already in camp before today while many position players have reported as well.
  • Alfonso Soriano rumors are increasing yet again and this time circling around the Yankees.  A few days ago Hal Steinbrenner said in order for the Yankees to be a championship calibre team they need another right-handed bat.  The Yankees have a heavy left-handed outfield and their recently signed DH Hafner is a lefty so there is a clear need for a bat like Soriano. The Yankees know Soriano quite well having played for them for years.  The Yankees had interested in Scott Hairston before the Cubs signed him so trading for Soriano makes a ton of sense since the Cubs are likely to pay all but 10 million over 2 years.
  • The Yankees farm system is not great but is is pretty decent so a trade between the teams just makes sense.
  • Besides the Yankees; the Rays, Orioles, and Rangers are the other teams that have interest in Soriano.
  • Marmol should be reporting to Spring Training by Monday.
  • If Opening Day was today then DeJesus would start in CF, Soriano in LF, and Schierholtz/Hairston platoon in RF.
  • Kyuji Fujikawa wants to make it tough on the Cubs about naming a closer.
  • Junior Lake could make the team as a super utility infielder if he impresses this Spring.
  • Brett Jackson swing has improved dramatically but the Cubs want to see the trend continue into ST games.

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