Sunday, February 10, 2013

Cubs Hits: Earlier this Week

News has been slow so in turn the post have not been as frequent. But there is the latest-
  • Lendy Castillo cleared waivers and is not being sent to Iowa.
  • Cub killer Chris Carpenter is unlikely to pitch this year or maybe ever again.
  • The talk about Bourn and the Cubs has gone quite especially with the Mets pushing for him. But talk about a 4/$40 for him I WANT the Cubs to get involved.
  • has put together their top 20 prospect list which is topped by Baez, Almora, Soler, Jackson, and Vizcaino. Find the rest of the list here.
  • Carlos Marmol is expected to report to Spring Training with any issues.
  • Sources say the Cubs would like to make a move or two during Spring Training and I am guess maybe Soriano and Garza?
  • The Cubs do have interest in the Rays Dane De La Rosa who was DFA yesterday to make room for Luke Scott. Dane De La Rosa is 30 years old with only 12 innings pitched in the big leagues but his minor numbers are not bad. Found here.
Here is the latest from Levine-
  • Marmol for Porcello has not been discussed. Just rumored but that could change when ST starts.
  • Garza is ahead of schedule more than he was last year at this time.
  • Campana is a good 25th man on roster in the majors.
  • If healthy Stewart will be the starter at 3rd.
  • The Cubs are not interested in putting Travis Wood in the pen but something has to give.
  • Marmol will get traded by opening day because of the trade value he has.
  • Scott Hairston could take grounders at 1st during ST to back up Rizzo.
  • The Cubs will look to get young pitching and some left-handed relief for Marmol.
  • Cubs are not sure if they would give Mark Prior a deal but the door is not shut. Could be a minor league deal.
  • Baker make take longer to be ready so there are 6 pitchers for 5 spots.
  • Bruce thinks they overpaid for Edwin Jackson which is crazy talk.
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