Monday, December 31, 2012

Cubs: The Next 5 Moves

So I already had one post recently in which I laid out what the Cubs should do next found here. But here is another route giving the recent rumors circling around.
  1. Trade for Giancarlo Stanton or Justin Upton.
I get the distinct feeling that the Cubs are working on something big and Upton or Stanton could be that something. I feel when the Cubs have shot at getting a young star with ML experience that is cost effective they jump at that chance to get him even if it means overpaying some. Now rumors have linked the Cubs (along with many other teams) to both young stars you have to believe the Cubs will do anything in their power to get one of these player because it is a trade opportunity of a lifetime. The Cubs are at a disadvantage because teams like the Rangers, Blue Jays, and Braves are stacked with great young prospects but whether those teams are willing to trade them is another story. If I am a part of the front office I have no problem building a package around Javier Baez or even Jeff Samardzija for Stanton. I would even consider trading both for Stanton. Now Justin Upton is a different story. I am not sure I would include either one in a deal for Upton but if it came down to dealing one I would be fine with it. What I am trying to say is Stanton value is much higher than Upton’s. Regardless this is a move the Cubs need to make and would actually shorten the rebuilding process by getting better now and in the future.
       2. Trade Matt Garza and Carlos Marmol to the Rangers for Mike Olt, Martin Perez, and 2 other prospects.
We all saw what the Royals gave up for Wade David and James Shields and I believe the Cubs can get something similar for Matt Garza and Carlos Marmol. The Rangers have been the most aggressive in the past for Matt Garza (even when Garza was injured at the deadline they were still interested). The Rangers are looking to upgrade their rotation and looking for a solid set-up guy with closing experience. Enter in Matt Garza and Carlos Marmol. Both would fulfill the Rangers need and the Cubs would get their need filled by acquiring a top left-handed prospect with Perez and a power hitting young natural 3rd baseman with Olt. The Cubs would also get two mid-level prospects to help re-stock the roster after trading young talent away for Stanton or Upton.
       3. Sign Michael Bourn.
I am going to continue to bang this drum even though I am in the minority. Here is what I wrote back on the 22nd of December.
The price of Bourn continues to fall as the market gets smaller and smaller. The Cubs have already shown wiliness to sign a big contract to a younger player in Edwin Jackson. A really big need for the Cubs is a CF with good defense and speed. He provides that. I do not think the Cubs should overpay for Bourn but a 4-5 year deal worth $60M-$72M makes sense to me. This would allow the Cubs to keep DeJesus in RF or even trade him. If they traded him they could go with Schierholtz and Sapplet platoon in RF. Either way the Cubs outfield defense would be one of the best in the league.
Now in this current scenario the Cubs would obtain a new RF with Stanton or Upton in which Sappelt and Schierholtz would likely be apart the Cubs bench. Adding Bourn to the top of this lineup automatically makes this team better and at the cost above why would you not sign Bourn who could be a part of a young exciting group moving toward the ultimate goal of a championship.
      4. Trade Alfonso Soriano somewhere.
Just like I laid out in the my first post the Cubs should deal Soriano to another team. Rumors suggest the Braves, Phillies, Rays, and Yankees all could be the most active for Soriano’s services but the Phillies seem like a logical fit to me. The Cubs should obtain a minor leaguer or two to restock the farm.

  1. Sign another reliever.

The Cubs need another reliever after dealing Marmol. I think signing a reliever with late inning experience like JP Howell, Kyle Farnsworth, Matt Capps, Brian Wilson, Brett Myers, Jose Valverde, Todd Coffey, Jason Frasor, Francisco Cordero, Francisco Rodriguez, etc… would fill that need. There is plenty of choices and I feel the Cubs only need one.
After all is said and done this is what I see being the Cubs 25 man roster (I know even before ST).
  1. Michael Bourn CF
  2. Starlin Castro SS
  3. Anthony Rizzo 1st
  4. Giancarlo Stanton or Justin Upton RF
  5. Mike Olt 3b
  6. David DeJesus LF
  7. Welington Castillo C
  8. Darwin Barney 2b
With Samardzija-
  1. Jeff Samardzija
  2. Edwin Jackson
  3. Scott Feldman
  4. Martin Perez
  5. Scott Baker
Without Samardzija
  1. Edwin Jackson
  2. Martin Perez
  3. Scott Feldman
  4. Travis Wood
  5. Scott Baker
David Sapplet
Nate Schierholtz
Luis Valbuena
Ian Stewart
Dioneer Navarro
K. Fujikawa CL
Brian Wilson
(T. Wood to pen if Shark stays and take out either Rondon or Dolis)
Honestly with that lineup and rotation I can see the Cubs being sleepers in 2013 and contenders in 2014-2015.
Until Next Time….

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