Saturday, January 05, 2013

Cubs Hits: Front Office Speaks, Signings, and More...

There is a lot to get caught up on so here go-
  • First off Bleacher Nation is rocking it with two original pieces that are must reads found here and here.
  • Matt Garza offseason workout is going well and looks like he will be ready by Opening Day.
  • The Orioles have interest in Carlos Marmol and could look to get young pitching in return.
  • Edwin Jackson was officially made a Cub which is neat.
  • The Cubs have re-signed pitchers Jaye Chapman and Zach Putnam to minor league deals with invites to ST.
  • The Cubs have signed Dontrelle Willis to a minor league contract.
  • Jed Hoyer did some speaking-
  • You have to sign free agents that fit your scheme when they are available he said. Something a lot of us fans have been saying which is why you see them going after guys like Sanchez and signing a guy like Jackson.
  • The Cubs went after both Edwin Jackson and Anibal Sanchez because they wanted them both. He even said that he and Sveum met with Jackson while Ricketts and Epstein met with Sanchez at around the same time.
  • Through the grapevine I heard this from a follower that Hoyer on MLBN Radio said he is looking to add to the outfield but specifically CF. He also said they are considering position players on similar deals to what Edwin Jackson got. That to me screams Michael Bourn and to me that is exciting. I have been beating the Bourn drum for a while now.
  • Right now Nate Schierholtz is a platoon partner/starter in RF with DeJesus in CF and Soriano in left although a lot can change that.
  • Theo also did some talking-
  • The Cubs front office is more comfortable and looking to improve the team now that they know their strengths and weakness.
  • He echos what Hoyer says about getting players when they are available not necessarily when you are ready to compete.
  • There are free agents worth surrendering a first round pick if the contract makes sense.
  • Bruce Levine held a chat Thursday so here is some of that-
  • Levine likes the Edwin Jackson move.
  • The Soriano to Phillies rumors is old.
  • Castillo and Navarro will be the catching tandem.
  • If the Cubs can find suitors for Marmol and Soriano they will be traded.
  • Marmol and prospects could be traded to the Tigers for Procello he says.
  • Trading for Upton is just a rumor and they do not have the inventory to trade for a would be superstar. I disagree.
  • The Cubs are not in a position to acquire Stanton. I disagree because if they offer a package around Samardzija and Baez the fish would look at that deal.
  • The Cubs would consider trading Garza to the Rangers for Olt and a young pitcher or two. I sure hope so.
  • Brett Jackson is the closest to making the big league roster with his change approach and swing at the plate.
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