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Cubs Rumor Bag: Soler and Draft Players Sign, Trades, and more...

Truly sorry I did not have a write up on Jorge Soler yesterday but we have a busy week at my household so make sure to follow me on Twitter @HotStoveCubbies to get the latest Cubs rumors and talk.
- Jorge Soler landed a 9 year deal worth 30 million which on the surface looks like an amazing deal for the Cubs but the deal does have some stipulations. Soler can opt out of his deal and go through the arbitration process with the Cubs. This can make Soler whole lotta money but could also benefit the Cubs because if that happens then he is legit. A real win-win for the Cubs.
- Many scouts and other baseball execs put Jorge Soler in the number two spot on the top prospects for the Cubs system right behind Anthony Rizzo. Many scouts place Soler in the top 50 prospects right now. Keith Law says he would have been a top 5 pick if he was in the draft this year or even next.
- Jorge Soler could end up seeing time in Peoria this season according to sources and will likely not see the big league club until 2014/2015.
- I know like many people I am drooling over the potential lineup in 2014/2015 (if Almora signs) looking like this
1. Brett Jackson LF
2. Starlin Castro SS
3. Anthony Rizzo 1st
4. Jorge Soler RF
5. Javier Baez 3rd
6. Albert Almora CF
7. Junior Lake 2b
8. Welington Castillo C
- The Cubs signed their supplemental first round pick Pierce Johnson. He was the 43rd overall pick in the Draft but most thought he was top 30 talent so it is a welcome sight to see him sign. No word on the numbers but it is likely to be around the slot of 1.2M.
- In case you missed it the Cubs have signed Lance Rymel C, Corbin Hoffner P, Isaac Garcez OF, Daniel Prieto P, Ryan McNeil, and Rashad Crawford. Most have not been announced but they have agreed to the terms.
- No word yet on Albert Almora but he is expect to sign and the Cubs front office is “very confident” according to sources that he will in fact sign.
- Jorge Soler will be added to the 40-man roster so that means someone will be let go. It is likely it could be Koyie Hill once Castillo or Soto returns. But it could also be a reliever or the catcher Blake Lalli.
- Soto and Castillo look like they may be able to return early next week with Castillo likely landing back in Iowa and Soto coming back to Chicago.
- It is so important that Soto improves his numbers in the next 4-6 weeks so the Cubs can get good trade value otherwise they will hold onto him and possibly trade or non-tender him next season.
- Muskat said an AL scout told her he would love to have Soriano in his lineup. Come on Carrie tell Jed and Theo the good news.
- Ken Rosenthal says the Cubs are likely to trade Garza, Dempster, Soriano, and others but said Theo and Co. are also making Bryan LaHair available via trade. Many think including me that LaHair is more valuable to the Cubs than other teams but there is interest.
- Speaking of LaHair I am hearing Phillies (if they can pull it together), Indians, Marlins, Giants, and Dodgers have interest.
- Primary suitors for Garza are the Yankees, Red Sox, Blue Jays, and Orioles according to sources.
- Soriano is now gaining interest from multiple AL teams and a few NL squads.
- The Cubs may put LaHair in a few games in the outfield soon to see how he does. Rizzo could be called up at the end of this month and no later than after the trade deadline.
- Dempster, Garza, and LaHair have the most trade value and the Cubs will look to fill holes in the farm with those deals. So look for pitching and maybe some help at 3rd.
- I talked to a source that said the Cubs could trade up to 10 players currently on the 25 man roster. I have to admit that actually would make me very happy. Would love to see some young players move up in the system at all levels.
- With Soler and the possibility of Almora being up with the Cubs in 2015 the Cubs could add a low-year, high annual salary outfielder via free agency. An intriguing name I am hearing is Josh Hamilton who is looking for a 5 year deal but maybe only able to land a 3 year deal with the “things”that come with him. Two other guys that could fit that mold are Nick Swisher or Tori Hunter although their salary would be significantly lower than Hamilton. Again the only reason the Cubs would sign a free agent outfielder is if they have a need for one and a lot more will be determined at the trade deadline.
- The Dodgers have reached a 5 year $85M extenstion with Andre Ethier which gives me some relief because that is not the kind of guy I think the Cubs should go after.
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