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Lets check out Levine’s chat from Tuesday shall we-
  • Bruce says Soler will likely start in Mesa but with his experience he could start in Peoria. I say start him in Peoria so he can play everyday with guys he may play with in Chicago around 2015.
  • Levine says he thinks Rizzo will be called up by July 1st but that is a guess.
  • He thinks Jackson needs a whole year in AAA. No he does not I say.
  • Levine says it is doubtful that the Tigers give up their 3rd base prospect for “Dempster and/or Garza” but could sacrifice youth to win this season. I say the Tigers jump all over it if Garza is involved and they would have to give up more than just their top 3rd base prospect.
  • He thinks Vitters will be the future 3rd baseman ahead of Lake which is understandable giving their place in the farm system but Lake is a far better player in my opinion.
  • Levine guarantees Almora will not go to the University of Miami and he will sign on July 13th.
  • The White Sox are looking for a starting pitcher, 3rd baseman, and bullpen pitcher. Why do I say this? Well it coincides with a rumor I heard today. More on this later on in the post.
  • Matt Szczur is still a few years away from being a ML player.
  • The Padres compensation for Hoyer will not be anything significant.
  • He thinks Marmol will have to pitch well for a number of weeks for teams to trade for him. Well Bruce the Cubs brass is getting calls on him now so they could trade him at any time. Just waiting for his stock to rise more.
  • He thinks LaHair and Dempster both get traded.
  • He thinks out of Jeff Baker, Geovany Soto, and Reed Johnson; Soto will be traded because the others are not trade worthly because of the return. I disagree a lot. Players like Baker and Johnson have their place on a team for a playoff push. They give a team flexibility to rest their players and they are veterans that bring intangibles to any team. Obviously he does not remember Kenny Lofton, Dave Roberts, and other players like them.
  • He says Soler will be in RF at the end of 2014 and will be a starter by 2015.
  • Pitching will be the focus at the trade deadline.
  • Bruce thinks Baez will make it to the majors before Almora and Soler. I think Soler is their first.
Some other notes-
  • The White Sox have been scouting the Cubs and are looking at 5 players very closely; Ryan Dempster, Matt Garza, Ian Stewart (now injured), Carlos Marmol, and Shawn Camp. I do not think the White Sox have the farm system to land Garza so a guy like Chris Sale (which is outrageous I know) would have to be involved but that is how poor the White Sox farm system is. The next best player would be Viciedo or Reed which is not enough for Dempster let alone Garza. Now Stewart, Marmol, and/or Camp seem like good fits and they do have the talent for those players.
  • The Cubs may package Soriano with Garza according to sources to get teams to pay more of Soriano’s salary while getting a nice amount of prospects as well
More Cubs Stuff…
  • Ian Stewart was placed on the DL today and the Cubs called up Luis Valbuena to replace him on the roster. The Cubs are worried about Stewart’s wrist and according to Carrie Muskat via Twitter he may have nerve damage.
  • Koyie Hill has been DFA and Welington Castillo has been activated and placed on the Cubs 25 man roster.
  • Bleacher Nation has the latest on Theo and Jed Talk.
  • Ryan Dempster is getting a lot of attention; so much so he was spotted with Epstein yesterday chatting. Rumor has it they discussed his future and teams interested in him.
  • Adding more fuel to the fire is Dempster and Samardzija have been swapped in the rotation. Could Dempster last start be on Friday at Wrigley this season? Many think so.
  • Dempster biggest and most aggressive suitor seems to be the Dodgers according to Danny Knobler.
  • The Braves think trading for Dempster maybe too expensive for them. I love hearing that because that means the Cubs have a good asking price for Ryan.
  • Dempster could actually land back with the Cubs during the offseason according to reports. He loves Chicago and will do whatever he can to benefit the city and its team.
  • A report out of Detroit says if the Cubs are willing to settle for Turner and Crosby for Dempster the Tigers would be wise to do the trade. OMG!!! I agree the Cubs should jump all over that if proposed.
  • Many think a Dempster trade could come very quickly.
  • This Joker (David Schoenfield) has some “trade proposals” out for Dempster. The players he said were steep or will not give for Dempster are the players we are hearing the Cubs are targeting like Jacob Turner and Casey Crosby, Manny Machado, Will Middlebrooks, and Lonnie Chisenhall. The Cubs do not trade for the players he is recommending
  • There is a nice little rumor out there that says the Cubs and Indians are talking about a trade that involves Ryan Dempster and Alfonso Soriano for Lonnie Chisenhall and a top pitching prospect. Sounds nice to me or too good to be true.
  • The Red Sox are exploring trading for Garza but will HAVE TO give up Middlebrooks in any deal.
  • Add the Dodgers, Blue Jays, and Phllies to the large amount of teams that have been scouting the Cubs.
  • Keith Law and Jim Callis both said Almora cannot turn down a signing bonus around $3M and he will sign with the Cubs.
  • The Boston Herald has a nice write up on Epstein.
  • Bleacher Nation has a nice write up on Castro and Rizzo as well found here.
Now Doug Padilla’s chat-
  • Brett Jackson is likely a September call up.
  • David DeJesus has little trade value. I disagree and think DeJesus can fetch a nice prospect at the deadline.
  • Valbuena has earned the call up rather than Vitters because of this numbers and better defense.
  • Sveum is hoping Koyie Hill stays in the system but would be happy if he was claimed.
  • Stewart wrist issue could need surgery and could knock him out for the rest of the year.
  • He could see Lake, Castro, and Baez in the same infield. Seeing Lake at 3rd, Baez at 2nd, and Castro at SS. I think you flip Baez and Lake.
  • The Cubs expect to sign all their picks but are confident to land most of them.
  • Nothing official on Soler but no one is worried.
  • He thinks Dempster, Garza, and Soriano likely to get traded in that order.
  • LaHair is drawing interest.
  • Big time free agents will likely not be signed for a couple years.
  • DeJesus is likely to stay on the team because of clubhouse presence, consistent play, and low salary.
  • Doug said Theo and Dempster talked yesterday about being on the same page heading into the trade deadline.
  • Castro is a building block and not a trading chip.
  • LaHair does not look like he will be in the long-term plans because of Rizzo so he could be traded.
  • In a Garza trade they are looking for guys who are ready to break through next season.
  • The core expected to be left after this season consist of Castro and Samardzija according to Padilla
  • Vitters needs work at 3rd defensively to be an everyday 3rd baseman.
  • Almora will sign.
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