Saturday, June 09, 2012

Padilla Talks and Other Notes...

Doug Padilla had his chat yeterday so let’s check in on him-
  • The Cubs are extremely interested in Jorge Soler but they have their price and likely will not budge from that much. But given the fact this is the guy they wanted all along and it is the last chance to sign international players without restrictions so the Cubs will not go cheap.
  • Ryan Dempster has 9 more starts before the deadline and has 75% chance he is traded.
  • LaHair has tons of trade value but the Cubs would like to see LaHair and Rizzo in the same lineup full time. The issue should be resolved by July.
  • The Cubs need more production from Ian Stewart.
  • Doug thinks Rizzo will be called up after the All-Star break. I think it will be at the tail end of June.
  • The Cubs are not focusing on 32 year old pitchers who are cashing in on the open market. The formula Theo and Co. are using is building players from within and smart additions through trade and free agency. Much like what Theo did in Boston.
  • Almora’s deal will likely get done but at the wire.
  • The Cubs want to trade players when they are hot but the trade market has not been hot as of yet. So the Cubs clan will likely wait until July unless other teams come knocking sooner.
  • Doug gives the Cubs draft a B and I say that is a little low.
  • Garza and LaHair will be drawing big interest at the deadline.
  • Samardzija could be a 20 game winner next season but don’t expect the Cubs to name him their ace. They are hoping he will be their solid #2 pitcher.
  • With Soriano playing DH it seems Joe Mather will get playing time in RF.
  • Brett Jackson is a likely September call up unless an injury occurs.
  • Soriano’s improved defense can be linked to improved confidence and Dave McKay.
Now some other Notes:
  • Castillo is headed to a rehab stint and Soto is still not there yet.
  • Rudy Jaramillo is not losing sleep over the poor performance of his players. He is in the last year of his three year deal and according to sources maybe finding another job next season.
  • Rhett Wiseman says he is going to Vanderbilt and will not sign with the Cubs.
  • More Obsessive Jorge Soler stuff from Bleacher Nation found here.
  • Cubs Den has their 2012 Draft Review found here.
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