Friday, May 25, 2012

Bleacher Nation Knows All & Other Cub Stuff

  • Bleacher Nation has a nice little tidbit on Jorge Soler.
  • Bleacher Nation also has their daily minor league round-up where Luke discusses the Rizzo effect on Lake found here. I have to say I think Luke is right on and I even think Lake could see some time this year in Chicago as a September call-up. I also think there is a strong possibility that Lake is the starting 3rd baseman next season if he continues to perform well.
  • Another think BN notes is the Lake effect on Vitters. I think Vitters is going to be dealt much like Luke does if Lake performs well when he arrives in AAA. This is a make or break year for Josh Vitters as a Cub.
  • Gordon Wittenmyer says that Dempster is unlikely to stand in the way if the Cubs want to trade him. So does anyone think the Red Sox would trade us Will Middlebrooks and Brandon Jacobs for Ryan Dempster, Ian Stewart, and Josh Vitters?
  • The Cubs maybe interested in signing an outfielder next season to bring balance to their potentially heavy lefty lineup. But the only way they would consider signing an outfielder is if they feel Campana is not an everyday player and they deal DeJesus as well as get rid of Soriano. So a lot has to happen between now and then. There are two free agents the Cubs have already “targeted” according to this source and they are Melky Cabrera and B.J. Upton.
  • BN does it again with their 2012 Draft Primer so check that out. FYI; I have the Cubs taking Kevin Gausman with the 6th pick.
  • Brian McCabe of has his Rambling for the Abyss. If you have not checked one of the ramblings before it is good old fashion American fun.
  • A minor league signing came today when the Cubs signed Diory Hernandez to a minor league contract. He was released by the Astro’s Weds.
  • Would Seattle do and Chone Figgins for Alfonso Soriano trade? Figgins owes about half of what Soriano is owed but Sori brings more to the table for Seattle than Figgins does. So I guess maybe, yeah… sure. WHY NOT?
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    Anonymous said...

    Hey man been a long time reader but I really think trading Vitters is a very bad idea. I realize his numbers are not that great but for the past two spring training's i've watched him and his swing and bat are amazing. He was not half bad at third base as well. I really believe he shoudl get a good look at the major league level before we crown Lake or even Stewart the end all to be all third basemen.